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LBGT Travel Destinations?

My wife and I, along with a few friends are looking to take a vacation next summer.  We are looking for ideas and places you have gone that are lesbian friendly.  We are open to anywhere in the US, Mexico, Bahamas.   Where have you been that you fell in love with?! 


Re: LBGT Travel Destinations?

  • Also, LO will be coming along and she will be 18 months and loves to be in water! :)
  • If you're looking for LGBT specific, try Olivia travel.  They have a lot of vacations geared specifically towards lesbians and their families - but it's pretty spendy so beware.

    Otherwise, most touristy places are perfectly happy to host lesbians and their families!  If we're paying money, they don't care who we are or what we do, I've learned.  I'd stay away from deep south confederate flag waving locales like Myrtle Beach or Alabama or Georgia on the Gulf Coast... but Florida's totally fine, especially the coast.  Disney is always a favorite with DP and her mom so we go there once every couple years - though your LO may get overwhelmed at just 18 months.

    Anyway, my favorite is Cocoa Beach :) Always has been, always will be!  Get a condo rental for a week and you're all set for a great time!

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  • Where are you from?

    My wife and I loved Charleston, SC.  I don't normally consider it a gay friendly state, but my butch, clearly-gay wife and I never felt uncomfortable there (she did get sirred more than we do in MA).  We rented a house on Folly Beach and I loved that we were at the ocean but could be in downtown Charleston (so pretty, and great food) in 20 minutes.  OTOH, it would be mighty hot in the summer.

    Have you done Provincetown?  That is the ultimate gay-friendly summer destination!  And much cooler in summer than the south. :)  Summer rentals on the Cape aren't cheap though.  Anywhere in New England (Maine, MA, and RI are probably best for beachy vacations) will be cooler than a lot of the country (though it does get hot) and are fun, family-friendly, gay-friendly places.

    We went to the Bahamas on a cruise and I didn't think it was that nice, but I think it depends where you stay.  Our guide book also said it wasn't very gay-friendly and then I felt nervous for the rest of our trip.
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  • @ball.and.chain, we're also from New England! We just spent a week down in Ptown. We go every year.

     @karah0011, we went to Curacao for our Honeymoon and LOVED it! We since sent 2 other couples there, and they also loved it and had no problems at all. The resort we stayed at was actually having a gay wedding there!

    We're also looking to go on vacation this year but not sure where to. We may be headed out to SF (also a great gay friendly place to go) in January, so I'm thinking Hawaii may be an option! We're in MA, so Hawaii is 12 hours from us! I'm partial to the Caribbean anyways. Aruba, St. Thomas, St. Barths and St. Martin are also very gay friendly (clearly, I go on vacation WAY too much)!!
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  • Thanks for the responses.  We went to provincetown when we got married in Boston a couple years was awesome! 

    We were thinking Florida or Northern California.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  • I live in new England and each year we go to P-Town. I love how open the community is and there is so much to do weather you have children or just going as a couple. I love how each year they have a family week were same sex couples can meet other parents and their children can also meet other children. It is a huge week of planned activities. When we have children and they are a but older I hope this tradition is still going strong. It will be a family vacation each year for us.

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