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my (almost) med free vbac

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On July 22, we met our own royal baby named norman :) at 3am. Labor started three days earlier with contactions on and off. I shouldve known something wasn't right as all the contractions were in my back. We left for the hospital 24hours before our son was born and being in labor was nothing to joke about, especially when its all back labor. I spent the first 12 hours walking the halls with our doula applying heat to my lower back with each contraction. My husband was there too helping me.

Even a hospital tour looking all excited and perky witnessed me in all my glory lol. So my midwife checked me after 12 hours of labor and determined that I was 4cm. I just couldn't do it anymore, the thought of another 12 hours of labor on my feet was terrifying. She suggested a low dose of pit and an epi so I could rest. I hadn't slept in days at this point. I mourned the loss of my med free labor, but I was done.

So the anesthesiologist was called in and arrived an hour later only to be called out again for an emergency. Finally I got the epi and I still had a ton of pain in my back bu t couldn't feel contractions so it was better. Fast forward 12 more hours and a lot of violent vomiting, our little boy Norman was born occiput posterior or sunny side up. That was why it took so long for him to descend and the back labor.

I had a 2nd degree tear, i pushed for two hours. I didn't expect to have to push so long, nothing like on tv! I am so glad to have had him vaginally. The experience was really rough but I did it. If I hadn't gone with the vbac friendly practice, I almost certainly would've had another csection. Norman always looked good on the strip so we continued. I always tell him that we took the long way home, and we made it.

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  • Congrats! I had a VBAC on that day too :) And labour with an OP baby is no joke. That's what led to my C Section...good for you Mama!
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