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Do you ever forget to test

I have been doing really well with my diet and not on insulin. Almost al my numbers have been good. This has been a crazy week with my kids and twice after dinner I left the house for school meeting without my meter and didn't get home for almost 4 hours. Seemed silly to test then, Sometime sit is a huge pita to always think about it an hour after eating.

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  • I miss about 1 or 2 a week. It is mostly my lunch one because I am at work and I get caught up in meetings. I asked my nutritionist about it and she wasn't concerned as long as it wasn't every day and as long as it wasn't specifically after I ate a big meal.

    It definitely isn't convenient. I was diagnosed very early so I still have a very long way to go but it the end it is totally worth it!
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  • I forgot to test all the time with my second. I was just so busy with my older daughter that I didn't watch the time closely enough. My dr wasn't really concerned about a missing test here and there, but for me it was happening almost every day and since I was on insulin and struggling to find the right dose we really needed to see what those numbers were doing. I started setting a timer to remind me to test. If we were going to be somewhere where it was inconvenient for a timer to be beeping, I'd set my cell phone alarm to vibrate instead. 
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  • I've forgotten to test a few times this past month. I haven't seen the doctor in a while though so I don't know if it will be a problem.
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  • Ive had several empty slots here and there and the doc has never mentioned it. As long as its not excessive it shouldn't be a problem

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  • I forget my meter when I go places sometimes and dr has not mentioned any missed readings... So it must not be a big deal.
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