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Anyone take Trazodone and/or Lexapro while pregnant?

I am currently taking 12.5 mg of Trazodone and 5 mg of Lexapro while pregnant (I'm 17 weeks). Unfortunately, I suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety and my doctor recommended I continue taking the meds throughout the pregnancy to avoid stress to myself and the baby. These meds are Category "C" during pregnancy.

Has anyone taken Trazodone and/or Lexapro while pregnant? I'm very interested to hear about your experiences and how your baby is developing after birth.


Re: Anyone take Trazodone and/or Lexapro while pregnant?

  • I took Lexapro while breastfeeding, which admittedly is not the same thing, but my doctor made an educated decision that it was more important for my own health and that of my baby for me NOT to be depressed.  My baby is a happy, healthy almost-4 year old

    Your doctor certainly made the same calculation - if the benefits of Lexapro outweigh the potential risks, it's important to keep taking it.

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  • The trazodone messed me up when I took it as a teenager - I can't imagine that it would be good for a developing child. Was it your OB that made the decision or your psychiatrist? 

    Agreed with the PP about the withdrawl on the lexapro. I remember how that felt - it's got to be rough on a baby. IMO, you should revisit this conversation with your psychiatrist and find alternatives that are a little safer.

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    I'm taking Cymbalta ATM. The doc recently suggested I go back on it, and I've finally agreed. I was ale to see a specialist psychiatrist, who only deals with pregnant women. She made me feel much better about taking the anti d's. if you're feeling uncomfortable, maybe seeing a specialist would help?
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  • I took lexapro almost 9 yrs ago very briefly while pregnant (only the first 2-3 weeks). My daughter was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery to repair. As far as I know there is no family history of heart defects in our family, and I can't be sure at this point if the lexapro was to blame or not (it could have been a random occurrence) but sometimes I definitely wonder if there was a connection. Honestly though, if you're doctor recommends it and think the benefits outweigh the risks I wouldn't think twice about it. Like PP said: you have to take care of your health.

  • Hi.  I was told to continue with my medications for the same reasons you were however, with my arguments against it, my doc switched me on a few things.  I am still taking medication but different medication.
    I did take Trazodone at .25mg a night.  I am not sure if you are taking it for sleep or depression but I was taking that one for sleep.  I am now taking  OTC Unisom which seems to work for me.  Amazing considering how long I was taking Trazodone.. the adjustment has been pretty easy.
    The other thing I was taking was Cymbalta and they switched me to Zoloft which is still a class C but there were other reasons for the switch.  I don't want to be on anything but understand the reason my doc wants to keep me on something.. I guess.

  • I do take Trazodone for sleep and I worry I won't be able to sleep without it. At around 6 weeks, I tried to switch to OTC Benedryl (took it for 4 weeks) and it wasn't working. I've had chronic insomnia for years.....
  • I may switch back to Trazodone soon.  Since the time I wrote I have had the WORST time sleeping on Unisom.  I don't know why it's not "working" for me anymore.  The thing that bothers me about Trazodone is that I am dependent on it.. yes it works well, but aside from being pregnant I am concerned if I will always need to take it for the rest of my life.  I just want to be able to not NEED something on a nightly basis.  But, hey.. sleep is important.  If I find something else that works and is a little safer with pregnancy I will update you.  All the best.

  • I sympathize with you. I'm addicted to Trazodone too. I'm also addicted to Lunesta. I just want to be able to sleep without drugs. Unfortunately, the OTC drugs (Unisom, Benedryl, etc) weren't "strong" enough for me.
  • I'm taking two class c medications. I worry when I take them but I have discussed with Obgyn and psych and we have decided the benefits outweigh the risks. I wish you the best of luck and try to ease your mind. Stress and worry isn't good for your baby :) or you! Xo
  • Yes. My doc and I decided that the benefits outweigh the risks in my case. Best of luck to you as well!

  • If it helps, my mom was on lexapronhe entire pregnancy 4 years ago for depression, and my baby brother had no withdrawal symptoms or complications of any kind. Those things are still very rare.
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