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Speaking of almost here. Random update.

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The minion has about a month left in the oven. He has flipped, we're hoping he stays flipped. So now he's locked and loaded. We finally got our flooring issues resolved. Now it's just a matter of me going around the edges of the re-installed kick boards, and covering the nails, and caulking the tops. My dear first born son, is an emotional "Terrible" mess most of these days. But he loves babies so we'll see. My daughter, who will be 10 in May.. Shit man... She really doesn't want much to do with my son, because he's a boy and he drools. He doesn't care yet. I'm trying to get her to accept it and just play with him which is hit or miss. Mostly miss. 

Yerp. Oh, and I'm out of beer. Makes me sad in the pants, Jus' sayin. 

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