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Well, hey. *introducing myself/ changing insurance

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Hi, y'all. I'm Page, due in February, and I have a 16 month old son. I've been seeing Lara WIlliams over at Everywoman's Health and delivered my boy at Emanuel (fabulous experience with a really f-ed up labor). Just found out my employer is switching to Kaiser for insurance. 

I'm sweating finding a new doctor and birthing center. My ideal hospital would allow water birth, minimal intervention and have a NICU on site, yet be close to NE Portland, and I would love recs for a new OB. Of course, i'll go out and do hospital tours and such, but so far i'm not finding a ton of current stats and comparisons on the web, so I thought i would come here and ask if anyone had any advice.

I already checked in and got a breast pump via my current insurance provider and the health care reform, as Kaiser only provides manual pumps. I'd totally advise anyone in a similar situation to do the same.

Re: Well, hey. *introducing myself/ changing insurance

  • Hi and congrats! Have you looked into OHSU? I think that they might have some good options for you. Not sure if your insurance covers it, but might be worth looking into. 
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  • I'm not sure Kaiser covers delivering, etc, at OHSU, but it's an awesome facility, and I will totally look into it! Thanks!
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  • PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be sending you a PM on FB as well! GO SEE Susan Brewer at Sunnyside!!! She is AMAZING!!!! She was there while I was in labor with August and I had a client who had her for her labor as well and she is just outstanding!!! You MUST have her!  And August was my effed up labor, but the second one is so much easier/better. So no worries! ;)
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  • Susan Brewer is my midwife with Kaiser! How funny! I LOVE her. She provided prenatal care for my first, and I've been working with her all year - my 2nd is due in a couple weeks. Had a great natural birth experience @ kaiser sunnyside & will be delivering at the new westside hospital soon. I'm expecting the same support & patience for natural childbirth...
  • Apparently, Susan Brewer is no longer with them. Wah. Any other suggestions?
  • NOO!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry! I don't have any suggestions for Kaiser then. She was the only one that I had experience with. :(
    @beckyandsmiles Do you know if she left Kaiser?
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  • If your group coverage is changing, they may be required to allow you to continue with your current providers - I would bring it up at least!
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