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I have been planning on a VBAC with my Doc this whole pregnancy, and I just found out I have GD. I will be talking to my OB about this next week at my appt., but until then I am curious if any ladies have any experience with this - positive or negative! Some women have said on other boards that their OB doesn't do VBACs if they have GD. It got me thinking because I don't know much about it. My sister had GD with her second pregnancy and had a vaginal birth, but she also has never had a c-section.

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Re: VBAC and GD

  • I had GD with my first pregnancy, tried natural birth and ended up with an emergency c-section, as the baby would not descent. I would really like to try VBAC this time around but if I end up having GD again, my Dr said that he will not let me go past 41 weeks to try VBAC, we will have to schedule a c-section. Check with your Doctor if he can let you go until your due date or a week later, I think it's worth the try. They worry that your baby will be too big because of GD and you wont be able to push him out. My DS was 7.7lb and they thought he was going to be around 9lbs. I'm sure they are going to tell me that this is a big baby too, but that wont stop me from trying VBAC if that's the only reason. Good Luck!
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