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Sad news today.. is there hope?

Hey guys. Tested positive x3 last Thursday and got an appointment immediately (same day) and just got my blood results today and they are very discouraging. my HCG is 39.2 and progesterone is 8.8. I'm suppose to be 5 weeks but the numbers are just not supporting that. My OB is concerned that the pregnancy will not be viable but at the same time I have absolutely no symptoms that it isnt so she really tried to encourage me. I have no spotting/excessive bleeding or extreme pain and still have pregnancy symptoms such as sore breast, fatigue, bloating and tolerable cramps. Is there hope that I might just be early? that maybe I'm not as far along as I am? Anybody else with this experience? She also put me on progesterone and awaiting nervously for my next Beta results tomorrow. T&P much appreciated.

Re: Sad news today.. is there hope?

  • There is hope.  I tested positive extremely early with DD and my gyno had concerns on my levels and prepared us to be ready for a loss. It was a horrible, stress filled experience waiting and going in for more tests but it was because I was really only 4 weeks along.

    I do hope it's the same case for you.  {hugs}

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  • Thoughts and prayers for you that all is all alright!
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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    My first number with DD2 was lower than your number and she turns 1 in a few weeks. There is hope! Your second blood draw will give you a much better answer. T&Ps for doubling betas and lots of sticky dust!


  • No experience with that here, but I hoping for good news for you!
  • It's definitely possible that you ovulated later than you thought. Were you charting or just basing off of last period? With this pregnancy, I ovulated way after I thought I had (nearly 2 weeks). Fingers crossed you get good news at your next beta!






  • Yes, there is hope! I tested positive very early, too, and I happened to be going to the OBGYN the next day for my annual anyway, so I took another test there. The doctors' office test was less sensitive than my store-bought test, and it came up negative. So they did a blood draw instead to confirm the pregnancy, and my progesterone was about where yours is. I don't remember my HCG number, but I know that the absolute number is a lot less important than how that number changes. If memory serves (and it may not, so do your own research), it is supposed to double every three days). Anyway, I had to go back a few times for blood draws to see how the numbers were changing. I suspect none of that would have been necessary if I hadn't tested so early and gone to the doctor so early. I, too, had no pregnancy symptoms, but my HCG numbers were going in the right direction. The absence of symptoms really freaked me out, too, because I remember haven't extremely sore breasts when pregnant with my first baby, but it really is true that every pregnancy is different. Plus, I knew way earlier with my second. I now have a healthy baby boy. BTW, I freaked out about the progesterone number after doing research on the web and basically insisted on oral progesterone, which I stayed on until well into the second trimester. My doctor said it probably wasn't necessary and probably made my morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms worse, but I'm glad I took it (if only for the placebo effect). Good luck, and keep that chin up!
  • Yes, it's definitely possible that you could have either ovulated later or timing was off. My HCG was low in the beginning with both pregnancies. Good luck and try to stay positive and get some rest!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
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