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Johnston Memorial Hospital?

First time mom here, I need a little advice.  My obgyn that I've been seeing for years told me at my first ultrasound that they only deliver at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, NC.  I live in Clayton, NC so I'm equal distance away from the hospitals in Raleigh or in Smithfield.  I've heard not-so-awesome things about Johnston Memorial so it didn't help when my doctor also said "now I know they have a bad rap...." as a disclaimer.

My question is, do I go with the doctor I'm familiar with but the hospital I'm not sure of or go with a new doctor so I can deliver at a better facility?  Does anyone have experiences at Johnston Memorial they can share?

 Thank you! :)

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Re: Johnston Memorial Hospital?

  • You prolly won't get too much feedback cuz people on this board have tended to live in Charlotte, Raleigh, triad and there aren't as many outside the big areas. But I would join Johnston county mommies. I'm in the triangle one and there would prolly be more people in your area who can give u better feedback.
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  • Thanks for the link!  That's a good idea.  I think we've decided to switch doctors and go with Wake Med Cary for delivery.  :)
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  • No problem! I'm sure u won't regret your decision. I know plenty of people on your side of town that have delivered in the triangle and have no regrets. Especially If uve already had some negative feedback about the other hospital and at wake med cary u will have good care for u and baby especially should any problems arise at birth.
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  • I personally wouldn't go for Johnston Memorial, but I know of three people delivered there recently and didn't really have a problem. 

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  • I am in Clayton as well and will be delivering in Smithfield. I recently talked to a lot of people about it we decided to stay in Johnston. I love my doctor and the office so I am not making the change
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  • I personally would not deliver there due to the fact that if something did happen, they (the hospital) can't handle it and you or your baby might would have to go somewhere else.
  • Thanks everyone, I ended up going with a doctor that will deliver in Wake Med Cary so here's hoping for the best!
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