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Postpartum Depression

I need help/coming out with PPD

This is my second child and second time dealing with PPD. The first time wasn't so bad but it definitely feels worse this time and I know I need help dealing with it. I'm not afraid of talking to a doctor or therapist or even strangers on a board about it though. My problem is coming out to my family about it. I'm afraid they won't take me seriously or just laugh at me and tell me to suck it up. I'm afraid they'll look at me like I'm a freak or they won't understand. My thoughts are so jumbled I can't even think straight. I'm dealing with a premature baby that's been I'm and out of the hospital and a needy toddler and relationship issues. I can't deal.

How did you guys come to terms with your PPD and how did you tell your family?

Re: I need help/coming out with PPD

  • I am a FTM and have PPD. I was embarrassed about it for awhile til I couldn't take feeling like that anymore. My baby was around 4 months when I admitted to myself and family that I needed help. My family already knew I had PPD by the way I was acting, it was obvious...My baby wanted to play and would smile at me and I just couldn't smile back. I was so sad and overwhelmed. I finally spoke to my doctor and now I have been taking zoloft every since. I love playing with my baby and smiling with him now!! It was life changing for me. I was mad at myself though for not getting help sooner. Its nothing to be embarrassed about. You can't control the feelings that arise with PPD
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  • I was bonding with LO but was overwhelmed and feeling inadequate. I'm in counseling but haven't told my family; I'm just not sure they need to know right now. 
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