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Insurance for mom and baby?

I am leaving my job when my LO is born in October to try my hand at stay at home mom status. Since I will be leaving my job, obviously I will lose my health insurance. To add me and baby to my DH insurance is crazy expensive. Has anyone found a better option for insurance for mom and baby other than being added to spouses.

We are in Texas. I have always just been provided insurance by my employer and dont even know where to start.

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Re: Insurance for mom and baby?

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    I don't have any answers for you but I'm interested to hear if others do. I am in the same position: my baby is due in October and I am considering not returning to work, and the cost to be added to my husband's insurance is outrageous. I will be interested to see what options are available through the affordable care act; I think in October the health care marketplace will be rolled out, though insurance might not take effect until January? Honestly I have a hard time following that details of that law, but I think it might create some new options for buying healthcare on your own. 

    Also I had a friend who went on Medicaid and put her children on CHIP when they were born, which allowed her to stay home with them. I think our income might be just a bit too high to qualify for that (she also had twins, and the income limits for a family of 4 are different than for a family of 3). But she said that she saw the same doctors as she would have if she had private insurance. 

    There is also COBRA, which allows you to continue your employer's insurance after you leave your job. It's very expensive, but it might be cheaper than the options available through your husband's job. 
  • We are in a similar boat. My wife's insurance plan is ridiculous to add the baby, and I have private insurance. I have looked at Blue Cross Blue Shield and they have a pretty good plan that isn't overly expensive that I will be moving to and adding the baby on when he is born in October.
  • I would take maternity leave so you can keep your benefits with your employer. You can still decided you don't want to go back after the leave. This will just keep your current benefits in place.  You might have to pay some of the insurance, but that might be cheaper. Husband's insurance is usually the best option. They usually charge more if you are working and can get insurance, but choose to take make sure  you are looking at the right amounts. You also want to make sure you compare all the policies to compare what you get (deductibles, total out of pocket), and not just the monthly charge of the insurance.. I know my OBGYN does not take Medicaid. I don't know about the pediatrician. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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