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When to ditch the straw sippy cup

When did you phase out sippy cups?

My 3 year old still primarily uses a straw sippy cup. He uses one for water during the day and one for milk at meals. If I give him juice, it is usually in an open cup. He can easily drink from an open cup, but he tends to play with the liquid. And if he is drinking from an open cup, then his younger brother wants to too.

Re: When to ditch the straw sippy cup

  • I'd ditch it. My kids have been using open cups since 18 months and we only use straw cups in their rooms for bedtime water if they want it or in the car/on the go.  How old is his younger brother? Maybe he is ready for one? Try a small dixie cup w/ water for practice. Your LO probably plays w/ it just b/c he doesnt normally get to use one but once it is normal it'll be less... (though my 4 yr old DS is still prone to sticking his hand in there for whatever reason every once in a while ;)
  • Honestly a water bottle or any other closed cup is no different except in marketing. A straw cup keeps the juice or milk off the teeth. My DD still uses one for milk at 4yo most of the time. And I prefer the Thermos for kids too.
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  • I have not ever seen anything about a straw cup being better for dental health than using an open cup, all the professional organizations suggest switching to an open cup as early as possible. Thought not as bad as a bottle or sippy cup, it still requires a child to have to suck to drink and if that is what they're using primarily, they aren't learning the proper tongue/mouth motor skills to drink out of a cup, and the sugars from the milk/juice can solidify on a straw cup just like on the other cups/bottles which can then get on  their teeth.  Just my .02
  • Both of my girls (20 months and 3.75) drink out of open cups at mealtimes. They drink out of straw cups any other time. I don't like them to have open cups away from the table because then I end up with spills.
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  • Both kids have been using open cups since 18 mo. Sippys (we have exactly two) are for car rides only. I can't even remember the last time they've used one. I say ditch it. LO may enjoy drinking like a big boy. Now my girls fight over which color or design cup they get to use. It was an easy transition. GL!
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  • DS uses a straw thermos cup when we're out and about. Other than that it is open cups only.
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  • we let our daughter decide what she wants to drink out of. Sometimes she wants a straw, sometimes a spout. Lately she has been wanting to drink out of an open cup. She gets a kick being able to decide for herself, makes her feel like a big kid.
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