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I feel so guilty!

So today is my little sister's birthday. All week I have been asking what she wants to do, but she was working this morning and kept kinda brushing it off like NBD. I figured my older sister was taking her out for drinks and they didn't want me to feel bad since I am on bed rest and wouldn't be able to really party anyway.

Well, I talked to my older sister and she mentioned she was going on a date tonight. I was like "What about Lisa's birthday? " And she said that my little sister said it was ok, that she was going out with friends from work. Cool. Then, I ask my mom if MH can drop off the present we got her. My mom then drops the bomb that my little sister had wanted to do a family thing, but decided to wait until things had calmed down with me. I feel horrible that my health issues caused her to change her bday plans.

Hopefully she has a good time and we can really celebrate her sometime soon. She has been such a supportive person and is even going to take off work the week MH goes back after LO is born to help out! We are obviously super close and I feel bad all the attention has been on me recently.

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Re: I feel so guilty!

  • She sounds really sweet, and it seems like yl are a close family. Don't feel guilty; just plan something nice as soon as you're able!
  • aww what a nice sister though to be considerate of your health and your feelings.
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  • Give her a big hug for being so amazing and selfless!
    I wish my sister was half that type of person.
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  • I am so blessed to have such an amazing sister and family. It has made all the difference especially during the tough parts of pregnancy.

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  • What a sweetie

  • What a good sis!

    Can you invite her over and the two of you watch movies or something?
    Daniel ~ October 21, 2013

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