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My daughter started kindergarten this year! I'm going to start packing her lunch. Any tips? she's a picky eater. Any other moms pack their kids lunch? TIA!

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  • I do.  Mine can be picky, but I pack what she loves.
    Her school isn't peanut free, so we do mostly PB sandwiches because they're her favorite.  Then I pack a "crunch" (cheez its, goldfish, etc) and a raw veggie (cukes, green bell pepper, celery, etc) or fruit. Sometimes I put in greek yogurt instead of the crunch.
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  • We usually do PB or turkey sandwich, fruit, a small salad and some chips.  My daughter is a creature of habit so we rarely switch it up.
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  • My 2nd grader brings lunch daily. I typically pack a turkey or ham sandwich or a cream cheese and jelly sandwich. He won't eat peanut butter. And a veggie/fruit like carrot sticks or an apple. Along with two snacks, like puffs and a granola bar. I let him every now and then. No more than once a week.

    He also does not want things to be switched up.
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  • I will pack a nutritional lunch because it is his healthiest meal. I will let him buy once a week if he wants and he claims to want to buy Monday for his first day and Friday for gross pizza but I don't know if he will do both.
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  • I pack for DS everyday because of his gluten intolerance. I pack things like lunchmeat, string cheese, gluten free crackers, cut up fruit, veggies and ranch, yogurt, hummus and applesauce. He also likes pudding cups as an occasional treat. I basically put in anything that is like a finger food. I've been packing for him since he was a toddler in daycare. 
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  • The best purchase I made was a small soup size thermos so I can send a hot lunch to school for DS1 a few times a week. You put hot water in and close it for 5 minutes. Then, I heat up the spaghetti or mac n cheese in the microwave. Dump out the water and put in the food with a plastic spoon.

    Each day DS1 and I talk about his lunch and what he likes/doesn't like. He's not allowed to throw away food but rather be honest and tell me what he likes and doesn't like. I also always add in besides fruit, etc. 3 oreo cookies.

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  • I try not to be too fancy:  sandwich, cut up fruit, cut up veggies, water.

    Kids figure out pretty quickly that they can't be picky about lunch because they're really hungry by lunchtime!  I wouldn't send food that I knew my kid didn't like, but I wouldn't get too worried about a new kindergarten kid who doesn't eat the whole lunch.  It's a good opportunity to help her figure out that sometimes you just have to suck it up and eat what's in the lunchbox!
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  • DD prefers a sandwich, fruit or veggie, and a cracker of some kind. Sometimes I will send a yogurt instead. I bought a small thermos bowl for DS be ause he prefers hot lunches. He will eat a sandwich or deli turkey also. He also gets a cracker of some kind, fruit or veggie, yogurt or applesauce. They are allowed to buy ice cream on Fridays. Of they choose not to get ice cream, I pack a cookie or a few M&MS in their lunch
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  • Ditto to pp with using a thermos! DS is very picky and gets: PBJ (or PB and honey), yogurt, or thermos with: chicken nuggets, pasta, Mac and cheese, etc. He also likes shredded mozzarella and a wrap (packed separately) or chips (pita) and hummus. I always pack a "snack": crackers, cookie, mini muffin, fruit snacks, granola bar, etc. And always pack fresh fruit or veggie (watermelon cubes, blueberries, grapes, etc. I give DS an organic (Organic Valley) milk box to drink. I know that he will drink that even if he'd decides not to eat much and it will fill him/give him some nutrients
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