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Vbac homebirth stories please :)

Hey Ladies, I had done an intro awhile back which described that I am on my 4th pregnancy, 2 sections, 1 tubal rupture, lots of scaring on my dear dear inside lady parts. This will be our 3rd baby due Oct. 28th. I had a horrible section with my 1st, 2nd went into spontanous labor 2 wks early  and progressed to 8cms before they rushed me off to my 2nd section because of their Vbac ban and I was unaware at the time I could refuse. Now with this LO we wanted to go vbac and natural. That calls for a hour and 15 min drive when the time comes to the nearest midwife that would preform a vbac from her home so basically a "homebirth" but not in our home. After speaking with our doula, and reviewing all the testing, scans and such we have questions of why if I use a midwife that will travel to our home, should I not just deliver in the comfort and peace of my own home since the midwife already wants me to labor here as much as possible. This is weighing heavy on my mind since in reality this LO will make her appearance in 8 weeks! Looking for some success stories to encourage this passion I am feeling! Thanks and excited to read them!

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