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Facebook group: update please!

Hey Facebook ladies! We would all love to hear how everyone is doing. Please chime in!
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Re: Facebook group: update please!

  • @jmccall79 - can you post a link to this in the FB group and make it an announcement so it is sticky at the top of the page?

    Lilypie - (JrNi)

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  • Not in the Facebook group, but I was asked to update.

    We had a fun summer, lots of weddings and plenty of drama. I'm training for a half marathon. Laura loves the slide, her doggie, and anything girly - necklaces, purses, dollies, you name it. I have no idea how I had such a girly girl, but it's pretty cute. DH is getting a lot of great reffing opportunities so he's really busy for the next couple if months.

    Is there anything else we're supposed to update about?
    Pass the sheet cake.

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  • Hello! Ramona and I are doing well. Alain and I got back together in March (I don't remember if I ever shared that here). We had an excellent summer, and Ramona just started daycare two weeks ago. It's going really well. She's very social and loving being able to play with other kids. 
    I graduated with my associates degree in june and transferred to a new college for my bachelor's. Ramona is going to the university daycare and I am working at the daycare 3 days a week. 
    Ramona is talking a lot, she's just starting to combine two words and she is learning new words at daycare everyday. She was a little bit of a late walker, but she caught up very quickly and is doing fine now. Her favorite activity right now is any kind of water play. Despite this, she had a crazy overwhelming fear of the bath that lasted the entire summer and just ended a week ago. I am so relieved that that is over. 
    I think that's everything! Things are going pretty well around here :-)
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  • HELLO!!!! 

    Thank you for posting this... sadly I have neglected TB and completely got turned around when I logged in... Anywho...

    We are doing AWESOME!! Reece is a wild man, running, playing chase, playing superman and peekaboo. He eats alright I guess, about as picky as any toddler I know. He sleeps great and all around amazing and smart little boy. Our marriage was a little rocky but we nipped that in the butt and hopefully on the mend, seems to be anyway.  

    Here is a pic of Reece, hopefully the new "choose file" works! 

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  • Hi. :)

    Our summer has been busy, but fun! I kicked it off by quitting my job and becoming a SAHM, which has been wonderful for me. I love it. Hubs got a new job, which we're all excited about. He was interviewed about it by a small magazine last week, so he's feeling really good.

    We made the decision to be OAD, and I just had a Mirena placed this week. It feels good to have a plan for our family's future.

    Aria is amazing. She's happy pretty much all of the time, and growing like a weed. She's loving puppies and birds and being outside. Daddy is definitely her sweetheart, she just adores him. (He's just as crazy about her!)

    Thanks for thinking about those of us who haven't been around in a while!
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  • kristin172429kristin172429 member
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    I was trying to think of the last time I was here and I have no idea.  I'm sure it was before summer.  Life is pretty much the same around here.  I am still a SAHM/WAHM and I have been very lucky that consultant projects keep coming in and it looks like I may be able to continue this until at least 2015!  I have a super-awesome-wonderful mother's helper who comes for a few hours a few days a week so I can work from home.  She is so great with Benjamin and he is completely in love with her.  

    As for my little peanut, he's awesome.  I feel like he makes this whole being a parent thing easy and he makes DH and I feel lucky every day.  He is a little monkey climbing everything, running everywhere, and is defeating just about every childproofing method we can think of.  It is ridiculous.  We made him a chalkboard wall recently and he is loving it.  He's got a ton of words, a few phrases, and started this week with figuring out how to say "This is.." and then ends with whatever he is holding (e.g., "This is a cup."  "This is a bear."). It is amazing watching him learn.  He is still just the sweetest and happiest little dude.  He's still a little peanut, but he made it to the 30th percentile in height at his 18 month appt at a giant 32" tall and is still rocking the 15th percentile in weight at 22 lbs.  His noggin was 19" and in the 74th percentile...go figure.  We are doing really well.  Hope everything is going well for you ladies!!!

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  • Hi!

    DS is doing great, he's a wild man.  =)  Running all over the place.  He adores our cats, and likes to chase them around the house saying "Kee-kah" (kitty cat).  Only one will tolerate him, the other is still afraid of him.  He's a happy, funny, smart, and just all around generally incredible kid, and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.  Watching him learn new things is one of my favorite things in life. 


    Thanks for asking about us!

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  • HattieLoveHattieLove member
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    Here's a picture of my Littles on her first day of daycare
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  • Hi y'all!  Back in May TB no longer worked from my work computer (I guess our browser was too out of date).  IT just upgraded me this week.  I am so glad it works again!  

    We have #2 on the way in Feb14!  One Love Bug just wasn't enough.  Alice is doing awesome, she loves her baby dolls, jumping and singing Baby Beluga.  The past few months have really been the most fun.  It seems like she picks up something new each day.

    I have missed keeping up with all of you.  I've lurked on the Feb14 board a little bit but it just didn't feel like home the way 212 always has.  

    I have a huge learning curve ahead of me to figure out this new layout!  Here are a couple of pictures of Alice from this summer.

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  • Hey! Let's see...I teach, so I got to stay home this summer with Paul. It was great, we went to the pool a bunch, got some stuff done around the farm and completed a few more remodeling projects. He is so funny, talking, singing, running and CLIMBING everything. That's it, really.

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  • bikitybinxbikitybinx member
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    Natalie is flourishing!  She is coming along well with her vocabulary and recently started forming sentences like "Oh monkey where'd you go?"  and "Where are you daddy?"  It is adorable and so much fun to communicate with her.  She hugs and kisses everything.  She just started walking independently last week.  Every day she gets better at it, and I know before long she'll be running all over the house.  It's wonderful to watch her blossom into such an amazing little girl.  I am loving this phase.


    As for me, I am starting a new job in a few weeks.  I was at my previous job for 7 years so I am looking forward to the change.  I will have to go out to Cali for a week for orientation.  Unfortunately, H and Nat can't come along.  I am having a hard time dealing with that and I will miss them both immensely.  I hope Nat copes well without me - she is still nursing - although part of me thinks this will be good for both of us.  (At least, that is what I am telling myself) 


    Editing to add a pic of Nat from a few weeks ago.  Yogurt aftermath, she was quite proud of her work...


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  • Hey ladies! I'm still active on TB, but I participate on the January 14 board. We found out that #2 is a little boy, Logan Joseph, and we can't wait for Eli to be a big brother!  Eli is really improving with his talking, running all over the place and keeping me on my toes.
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  • Landon is 19 months old today! He is 33 3/4 inches and 23lbs. He started Early Intervention services last month and sees a DSI once a week and speech therapist once every other week. He has about 17 words and 6 phrases, and 5 signs. He was a late walker, started the week he turned 17 months. Now he loves his freedom and tantrums when we leave anywhere. He literally ran around the park for at least 90 minutes straight two nights ago. I told him if I knew we were going jogging, I would've worn different pants and shoes! He has become an increasingly picky eater for the last 2-3 months. He did get all 4 molars and 4 canines simultaneously for about a month, so I thought it was that at first, but it continues to get worse. I think he might be gearing up to be a poster child for the terrible twos. He is an adorable little thing and very loving. He even shares with other kids and tries to comfort babies. He loves being around other kids, so I try to get out of the house as often as possible. That's about it.
  • Hi we're doing good. Austin started college and jay started 1st grade.
    Laney is so sweet (a total mama's girl) but yet very mischievous. She loves to climb. She and Jay have a very special relationship. She's still sick a lot and doesn't sleep but I guess she's worth the trouble!
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  • Hi Ladies,

    I don't post much anymore because I have to use Google Chrome instead of IE at work to get TB to work.  Skyler is doing really well.  She is full of personality and makes me laugh all day long.  She's super loving, she hugs, kisses and says miss you all the time.  She loves gymnastics, our dogs and playing outside.  She's speaking really well and is working on stringing 2-3 words together, she also learned how to hold her hands together to say her prayers and then says Amen at the end, it's the cutest thing ever.  Her 18 month stats were 32.5 inches and 22.15lbs.  

    And here's a recent pic.  I hope it attaches.
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    DaizyMay22[Deleted User]
  • It's crazy how much easier it is to share pictures now.  I don't miss TinyPic one bit!

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  • Hello everyone! Here is our update.
    Our oldest, Brynn started kindergarten this week and is struggling a bit. She loves it but is missing her old friends. Paige is doing wonderful. She loves babies and shoes. But, she is a bruiser! I think she will be our athlete. She can kick and throw a ball pretty well already. As for me, I just started back up at school again teaching forensics still. I've also lost almost 40 lbs since April!
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    [Deleted User]DaizyMay22pinkshades05
  • Hey ladies!
    We're doing really well over here as well. Audra is running and climbing all over the place. She is obsessed with shoes (boy are we in trouble when she is older!) and going outside. She has a pretty wide vocabulary of about 25 words or so. She's still at little peanut. As of her 18 month appointment in the beginning of August she was 21 pounds, 6 ounces and 30 1/2 inches. Her DCP's licensor didn't believe that she was 18 months old because she is so petite and asked to look at her emergency contact card to see her birthday! She just turned 19 months this past Tuesday and I cannot believe how fast it's going. AFM, I am doing well and am in a pretty good place at my job. We are TTC #2 and this is our first cycle trying. I thought I may have had a real squinter this morning on a Wondfo but I read it after the time frame so I am going to test tomorrow morning with a Wondfo and a FRER. Fingers crossed. 
    Thanks for checking in on the FB ladies. I hope you're all doing well also :)
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  • Well hello! I haven't been on in forever! Cooper is doing great! Finally growing and talking more and more each day! He loves his "banker" which is his blanket. I've got a little Linus on my hands. He loves his dog skeeter, blueberries, the lake and his grandpa. He over pronunciates the last sound of every word he says which is super cute. And he's finally saying I love you instead of just giving kisses. Heart is melted.
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  • hey! We're doing pretty well over here. Noelle is just over 19 months old, and talking a TON - probably 150 words. It's insane. We're looking to get her into French something soon, so she can learn that too. She just started back at a home daycare full time, since I was on vacay for Aug, and she loves it there. She loves Daddy right now too... She loves to draw, read, and play outside on her swingset. 
    We're TTC #2 right now, just started temping and using OPKs, so wish us luck!
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  • Hi there! :)  Things are going well for me, too.  I was MIA from both groups for a bit, because life just got busy, but am getting back active on the FB group again...
    Still TTC #2, it's been 6 months now, so I am going to start temping this month in hope I can get a better rhythm going.  We are really started to get settled in here in NW Arkansas, I have been gardening all year, which takes a lot of energy.  We also found a great group of friends, which is keeping us pretty busy on the weekends.  There is much more to do here than I would have thought.  Work is going great, it's very easy, but nice to have a relaxing weekday life, I have to admit.  Interviewed for a different position, but I don't think that is going to work out.  But, I'm happy and content.  Me and DH have worked through some ups and downs, but I think we are finally getting to a place where we get along most of the time and are both truly happy.
    Audri is a blast, she is truly the excitement of my life.  The vibrance and intensity of her personality is amazing.  She brings us so many laughs, from making an "Audri sandwich" (where she lays on you and smashes you down) to climbing everything possible, to loving her purses, coloring, and babies, she is truly a busy girl.
    I feel truly blessed!  It's good to touch base :)  A couple pictures attached below...
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  • Hi :) I check in here every once and a while. Colton is doing awesome...Getting ready to be a big brother in less than 3 months! AH! Work blocked TB and when I get home I am focused on him so I don't check it much, plus I don't love my new BMB. Mostly just because I relied on 212 SO much that nothing could ever compare. Truth! 
    The house we started building in February is almost finished...Move in date is Oct 28. Very exciting things to come. 
    I hope you all are doing well, keeping life light, and laughing often. 


    My Colton...Growing up so fast!


    And Coralee, his baby sister...On the way!

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  • firewife9278firewife9278 member
    edited September 2013

    I still post here relatively often, though I am on FB more since it's much easier on my phone!

    We spent an amazing 16 days in Italy this summer, where DD learned how to say Ciao! She's talking more and more every day, and we're so excited to watch her learn and change. She'll be 19 months old on Friday, and at her last appt (2 weeks ago), she was 24lbs, 33in tall.

    I'm going to try to attach a pic from our trip .. also a perfect mommy & me photo :)


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    Successful Cycle: 5/12/11 - 1000mg Metformin + 100mg Clomid(late response) + TI = BFP

    2/13/12 - We proudly welcomed our daughter, Hadley Teresa!
    Lots of Luck to all of 3T/IF

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  • I have turned into a faithful lurker, but I keep meaning to start posting again. We're doing well. School just started for me again, and our babysitter has moved to California, so J started day care two weeks ago. He's doing really well, despite having just contracted his first ear infection. The teachers are really impressed with how much he talks, which is a lot! The only downside to our summer was that our car was stolen in July, complete with a car seat and a stroller, but we just replaced it with a slightly nicer car, so it worked out.
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  • Thanks for coming to play ladies!

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  • Hi girls!  Life is complete chaos and excitement over here. 

    Logan is 4 1/2 and recently started a new preschool as well as soccer and is doing really well.  He is hitting a very independent stage but also wants to be mommy's baby, so that is challenging.  He is learning to read and I am amazed at how much he learns everyday.  Kid is too smart for his own good  ;)  He cracks me up daily with the things he says.  Today I asked him to get ready for soccer and he said "how about you dress me while I play, sound like a deal mom?!"  I could go on and on with the Logan quotes!

    Kellen is turning into quite the little devil!  He is so sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses, but if you turn your back on him he is getting into some type of mischief!  He is talking so much, right now his favorite thing to say is "I go outside!"  He also loves to say "No GOGO!" (he calls Logan GOGO.)  They fight like cats and dogs one minute and are snuggling and giving kisses the next.  Craziness! 

    I am finishing my paperwork to start subbing a few times a month, I have been a SAHM since Logan was born 4 1/2 years ago so this is big for me.  I am not looking forward to leaving my babies but I know it will be good for me. 

    Below is a picture of the boys at a Giants game a few weeks ago  :)  My little blondies!

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  • Hi everyone. I was one of the last to join the FB group and I have been neglecting TB too... sorry!

    I wish I had better things to say in my update, but things are pretty much the same. Grant is not crawling or walking. He still can't even get into sitting on his own. He is only taking small sips of water by mouth and gets 100% of his nourishment via his g-tube. He is not talking and has not say "ma" or "da" yet. He makes "h", "m", and "ah" sounds only and they don't seem to mean anything. He hates therapy and cries throughout each session. He is currently get 2 hours of PT, 1 hour of OT, and one hour of ST each week.

    We are trying out a new intensive therapy program that does 2 hours each day for 2 weeks. I am currently 3 hours away from home doing that. It has seemed to help a little and he is getting better at rolling.

    He is a happy boy who loves to bounce and be rough housed. He is my good little sleeper and such a sweetheart. Plus he is super cute.

    Things are hard for me. I feel like doctors don't really care about us or finding a reasonwhy he is the way he is. All we know iis he has a few genetic abnormalities but they don't know if they are significant or not. I feel like I have to become a doctor and a researcher to advocate for my son. I have been trying to educate myself as much as possible, but honestly a lot of this stuff is super complicated. Especially when you look at genetics and mitochondrial disease which are our best guess right now.

    No one can tell us our risk for future children since they don't know what is wrong with Grant. Which SUCKS!

    My foot hurts a lot and carrying around Grant all the time doesn't help. My next foot surgery is October 10. They will be removing all the hardware.

    Here's some pics.

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    [Deleted User]NatesLady1309
  • Dylan just turned 18 months and he's 34" and 30lbs.  He's a big boy (98% and pedi says he'll be a minimum of 6'2").  He has, as of this week, been learning things super fast.  He still doesn't talk (he does have his own language), but has probably 10 words that we understand.  He is really into mimicking right now and can understand pretty much anything we tell him.  He's a sensitive soul and doesn't like being reprimanded, it hurst his feelings so telling him no is sufficient and he hasn't started pushing his boundaries.  He's super sweet and loves giving hugs to the animals right now.  He's a comedian and the ladies at daycare are constanly taking pics/videos of him and tell me that he is the highlight of their day.  They even stop by if their in our neighborhood to say hi to him!

    I'm expecting Baby #2 in February so they'll be pretty much two years apart.  We just found out it's a girl and I'm super excited.  I think he's going to make a great big brother. 

    I started a cloth diapering business in February and it's been doing pretty good for only being open for 6 months.  It helps feed my addiction to buy cloth diapers but then be able to resale them.  I also love trying all the new products on Dylan. 

    Life is pretty darn good but I am looking forward to having my wine after #2 comes! 

  • Hiiii! Anna is a happy, healthy, walkin, talkin toddler! I swear she learns a new word every day. She loves coloring, loves the Bubble Guppies, and is a daddy's girl through and through. She's becoming a lot more affectionate lately - she will be playing and will randomly run up to me and give me kisses and hugs. Melts. My. Heart. We just converted our den into a playroom and she is obsessed with stomping/marching around on the area rug! I'm still watching 2 other little girls. B is 9 1/2 months and K will be 1 on Sunday!
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  • Cordelia is doing wonderful and is 20 months old today. We had a great summer and lots of outdoor activities.  Cordelia loves creeking, slides, the children museums, and the kiddie pool. She has moved to a toddler bed in the same room as her big brother, Cedric (who is 4), and does great in it.  She tends to want to sleep with Cedric every night though!  

    My laptop recently died...which is good because I was unable to get on The Bump from it for a long time!  But back now :)  So you should see a lot more of me now!
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