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Help we are having allergies to formula

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Background: My baby girl just turned 6 months old. I am producing less breastmilk and now that I am Back to work we decided I just pump what I can at night and morning and then supplement with formula.

10 days after starting enfamil infant she started getting hives. It took us until Sunday (day 12) to for sure know it was the formula. She had the last bottle on Saturday at 10/11 am. Then had breast milk. On Sunday we gave her less than an ounce. It immediately caused hives by her mouth, on her stomach where it dripped and then I wiped her mouth with my hand and picked her up and she had a handprint of hives on her back.

We were told to try soy. So later that night we gave her
1/2 soy 1/2 breast milk and she did fine.gave her 2 more like that the next day. After that third bottle she broke out with a rash on her chin with a few hives on her back.

So we called pedi and she said to try alimentum. So we waited almost 36 hours before trying it and gave her breast milk in between. She had 1oz and the rash came Back around her mouth and hives on her back. They told us do breast milk 24 hrs again and try it 1 more time.
If she has a reaction we need to try neocate. And then if that doesn't work go to GI

If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it. I don't know if there are questions I should be asking the dr that we havent already or more I should be doing. Thanks

Re: Help we are having allergies to formula

  • She could be reacting to something in your breastmilk or the formula. It takes quite a while for dairy to exit the system, so even though you are changing her formula, the dairy from the formula would still be in her system at this point. Have you started any solids, or is she still on formula/BM at thsi point?
  • Well she did start some solids but we put a hold on it and she hasn't had any in like a week now. The hives completely go away and nothing shows when she is on just breast milk. So they don't know if its a milk allergy since I didn't go off dairy and she is fine with my milk.
    She had 2 hives from her nutramigen last night. (Dr changed his mind on alimentum and gave us this to try instead). So I called to let them know and they are getting back to me if I should try more of this since It was drastically better
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  • Nutramigen has corn in it. It could be that. Alimentum ready to feed does not have corn in it. Maybe that's what ins causing the hives?
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