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Has anybody tried ,It works body wraps

A good friend of mine started selling it works body wraps, I read it helps with extra skin. On the website it says check with dr before using if nursing( I'm sure this is cause it's not FDA approved. ) My friend is nursing also and took the list of ingredients to her dr and while she can't endorse it they said she should have no problem. Just wondering if anyone else has used this product, thank s :)

Re: Has anybody tried ,It works body wraps

  • I have used them and used to sell them. They work great but yes I would double check with your doctor. It works by detoxing your fat cells. If you do it too frequently or don't drink a lot of water while it is working it can be harmful. Certain natural things aren't good to be using but I don't remember if they contain any. I know using some of the other products like the defining gel and stretch mark cream are safe to use which are a less concentrated version of what's in the wrap and can be used daily.
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