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GD after baby question

I last met with my GD doctor about 2 weeks ago.  He said everything looked great and he doesn't need to see me until 6 weeks after I have the baby.  I didn't think about it then to ask, but am I supposed to continue with my testing after the baby?  I know I can call and ask, just thought I'd see what you ladies thought first.  Is this a question for my OB or my GD doctor?
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Re: GD after baby question

  • No my doctor never did
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  • You don't need to continue daily testing, but at 6w PP you should have another GTT to make sure everything is back to normal.
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  • I was told that after the baby is born I should check my sugars on my own for a couple days just to make sure they aren't elevated. He said normally you would go in and have to re-do the GD test where you drink that nasty drink and test your blood but since I already have a meter he said I can just test myself. But every doctor could be different as well.
  • My Endocrinologist said to test my sugar like twice a week and make an apt. with her around the same time as my PP appointment.  She said that if my sugars are looking good that I test myself she will clear me.  If they still seem a little high she will have me do the GTT again.  Remember too that you have more leeway post baby on your numbers.  I think fasting is < 100 and 1 hour post meal is like <140.  I might not have those exactly right, but it was more generous than while pregnant.
  • When your in the hospital they will continue testing your religiously. To the point of frustration!! Once doctor felt satisfied GD was gone she released me from diet. From there I was told to test periodically to ensure I had no existing issues.
  • Definitely ask your Dr but as soon as I delivered the hospital stopped checking my blood sugar.  I even asked and they said they don't check anymore after delivery.  I asked my Dr and even called my specialists office to see if I should be checking and they said no.  They will do another test on me in October to see if I am diabetic.
  • I had a few tests done at the hospital after delivery and then actually brought it up to my doctor at the 2 week appointment (I had a c-section due to my DD being breech).  He told me I was the first patient to actually ask for the test- I didn't think it was optional (and I don't think it is), but it seemed like as long as the hospital's results were normal he wasn't concerned and I definitely was ready to be done with the testing.
  • Thanks everyone.  I can't wait to be done with testing!  I really hope it goes away after the baby is born.
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  • Thanks for asking this question Julie! I was curious about what happens after delivery also.

    I am also assuming I will have to be on the 'special' diet at the hospital also? Did you gals have any restrictions

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  • I was released from the diet restrictions once I had a few "good" tests at the hospital - but honestly I pretty much ordered what I wanted with a 1:2 protein ratio anyways. I was told to test twice a week at random and if my levels were still elevated they'd repeat the GTT.


    Also remember if you're breastfeeding some doctors do suggest delaying your GTT until a few months PP. My OB said she doesn't do a repeat for nursing mamas unless their numbers are exceptionally high.

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