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Natural Drug Free Delivery at St. Davids North

Hello all,

I am really struggling with making a decision about where to deliver my first baby. I am considering delivering with Dr. Akin with AAOBGYN at St. Davids north but am also considering ABC with a Midwife. I would like to be in a hospital in the case that something goes wrong, but do not want to be in a situation where I will not be allowed to labor naturally.

Does anyone have any recent experience with a natural delivery here and possibly with Mark Akin in particular? I'm still in my first Trimester, but if I am going to need to make a change in order to get the birth that I want, I feel like sooner is better than later. 

 I have used Dr. Akin for Gyn for several years and like him in that capacity, but have no idea what his philosophy is on Obstetrics and L&D. Any information anyone has about the hospital and or about Dr. Akin would be hugely appreciated. 

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Re: Natural Drug Free Delivery at St. Davids North

  • First of all, Congrats! I delivered at this hospital with someone else in this same practice. Everyone in the practice is very good and there is a good chance you might not have Dr. Akin if its in the middle of the night and he is not on call. In my experience the Dr. did not talk to me about going natural or epidural. They come and check on you a couple times during labor, but really don't come in until you are ready to deliver. The L&D nurse does most of the work throughout the day and will ask you want anything for pain. She did not sway me one way or another. I don't know what ABC is, but I would highly recommend delivering in a hospital. You will want flexiblity if you change your mind or something happens and you have complications. I know someone that went to a birthing center. She ended up wanting an epi as the pain was so too much for her to handle, but drugs were not an option. They had already prepaid for the birthing center so she would have had to pay again if she was transported to a hospital. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks for the reply. In addition to pain meds, I prefer very limited fetal monitoring, (allowing me to get out of bed and labor in different positions) and definitely no Pitocin. Do you feel these are options there? Will I be likely to be pushed into using Pit if my labor is long? Were you allowed to get up and move around at your own discretion?

    Thanks again, for the information.

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  • They will have to do some fetal monitoring as sometimes the baby can stop breathing or their heart rate can go up or down (cord could be wrapped around the neck and oxygen could be cut off). I don't believe they are too strict in that you have to wear them the whole time, but I didn't ask to have them removed as the cord was wrapped around my neck twice when I was born and I was a blue baby. They have long cords and I believe some rooms have wireless available. They will also let you walk down the hall, ect if you wish (you can't walk all over the hospital, but within L&D which is pretty big). Pitocin is if you get induced. It shouldn't be neccessary if you wait until you go into labor. The hospital does require an IV in your arm even if you go drug free. I can't exactly remember why (emergency or fluids if you get dehydrated?).
  • I am delivering any day now with obgyn north at st David's north Austin. They have been nothing but supportive in my choices on a natural delivery, and I'm pregnant with twins. I love all the ob's over there as well as the nurses and midwives. I have had three friends deliver with them and they have all have had positive and wonderful births.
    They might be worth looking into.
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  • If you want to go med-free in a hospital, I would strongly encourage you to hire a doula who will be there to support you throughout labor and encourage you through the pain. Personally, we chose to leave AAOBGYN for a more 'natural' OB who still delivers out of NAMC. It feels like the best of both worlds (hospital and birthing center) to me. I don't want to post the name here for privacy reasons, but there are a couple midwife-OBGYN practices that deliver there that I'm sure you can find by googling.
  • I delivered with OB.GYN North and absolutely loved my DR.  If you want a med free birth I would considered that practice or NurtureOBGYN.  Both practices have midwives and deliver at NAMC.  I would also consider taking Bradley birth classes.  Good luck with your med-free birth!
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  • Thanks for everybody's info. and experiences. We already plan to do the Bradley classes. It's good to know that it at least sounds possible to do a med free birth at this hospital. Now I have to have a convo. with my current OBGYN to see if I feel like he is comfortable with this plan. If not, I may need to seek out another practice.

    I've also considered hiring a doula, I've been researching a little but am a little overwhelmed. I'm not from the area originally and don't have any friends locally who have had children here, so it's been a bit daunting. 

    Thanks again and please if anyone has anything to add, please do. 

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  • Your Bradley class should also give you some suggestions of questions to ask to make sure that the practitioner is actually open to natural birth. We started with an OB (in Houston) and following our Bradley class changed to a birth center. (he wouldn't commit to how long he'd let us go without inducing, give C/s rates etc). A girl in our class changed to the birth center at 29 weeks so you've time yet to make a definitive decision.  

  • I was in exactly the same boat (with a different doctor) until I talked to her today.  I was looking into AABC as well, and after asking my doctor some questions about labor and delivery, I know that she is supportive of natural birth.  She really put me at ease.  If you're trying to figure out what to ask, I found that this previous post was really helpful:

     As a side note, I have a friend who plans to deliver at AABC and another who delivered there last summer.  She absolutely loved it.  If you think you may be interested, take a tour and decide from there.   :)  

  • Hi, congratulations! M sure you are too excited about it.. This is the time a lot of people come n tell us a lot of their experiences.. Good / Bad.. some helpful and other useless.. But its good to hear them all :)
    I have a 7m old son born on 20th Jan 2013 at Phoenix, Az.. My delivery was almost by myself.. without any medications or epidurals.. at 9pm I had some pain.. I was confused if that was a contraction.. I had similar of it every 10mins. when I confirmed tat those were contractions I told my husband.. then my water broke at 9.30pm.. We reached hospital at 10pm passed.. I was in labour room with all nurses doing the paper work and unfortunately taking my signatures (which they shud hv done earlier).. There was no scope for Dr to reach in time.. I tot I shud start pushing myself.. I took deep breaths.. I did not want to panic.. I had a very strong will power to deliver the baby on 20th only.. as my husband is into numerology n it counted good for 20th JAn 2013.. [:)] .. n the head of my baby was visible when the dr arrived.. No nurse was ready to help me as it was so sudden.. at 11.15 the baby was out.. I did not take epidurals.. but I had perineal tears.. I remember I pushed very hard for 5-6 times n tats all.. It was hard.. painful but yes 20th Jan 2013 (thumps up)!
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