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Headaches from Procardia?

I've had to increase my dosage of procardia per my doctor's orders the past 48hrs due to an increase in contractions and today I have a really bad headache. I've read this is pretty common. Any tips of how to ease the headache?? I'm sure i'll have to take more today and through the weekend and I really don't think I can deal with this headache persisting.... 
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Re: Headaches from Procardia?

  • You can take Tylenol. As always, drink plenty of water. I had headaches when I started on Procardia but I eventually got used to it.
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  • Agree with pp. I had them really bad at first, but after a couple days I didn't have any more. I've been on 20 mg every 4 hours for the last month. Tylenol will help for now though.
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  • I take Tylenol with my Procardia, or 5 minutes before.
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