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I'm new to this board so first of all just want to say hello! I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my first and have found the posts and comments really informative and helpful :).
I'm wondering about bellabands or similar products. Has anyone tired them and did you find they worked? Or other similar products that worked better?

Thank you!

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  • I purchased something similar to the Bella Band from Target. In my first pregnancy it came in handy. I didn't have to buy maternity clothes until I was closer to 18 weeks. I'm now pregnant with my second and never quite lost the baby weight from the first pregnancy, so it really only helped me until I was about 8 weeks. 

    Also, the one I purchased from Target didn't really help with supporting my expanding belly. I know some women like to use those as a support belt. But I'm not sure how well the Bella Band holds up. Hope this helps! 

  • I have a BellaBand. With my first pg, it allowed me to wear my regular pants through the crazy bloating I experienced from about 8-14w. I also wore it PP, when I didn't fit into my pre-pg pants.

    I definitely recommend it. 

    I had another similar product that was given to me and it didn't work nearly as well or wasn't as comfortable as the BB.
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  • I started wearing my Be Band (from Target) at about 6 weeks because I had major bloating.  As the weeks went on it got annoying because it kept rolling and moving.  I've made the transition to maternity pants.
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  • I also bought the Target one. I got it in black to try it out (it was only $16, I believe). They also have it in white, so I plan to go back and get it and add it to my wardrobe. I like that it just looks like a tank under your shirt!

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  • I used my Bellaband postpartum the most. I absolutely hated maternity pants and refused to wear them anymore. It was pretty nice, because I couldn't yet zip or button my regular pants.
  • I got one online and wore it into my second trimester. Never had an issue with rolling. Maybe slightly but it was totally worth it not to have to buy maternity pants...

  • I have a couple and have started using them. I don't LOVE them, but they make it possible to wear my jeans. I could still button them, but can't sit in them for any period of time without being majorly uncomfortable. I'll probably need to use them with a pair of work pants this week.

    They do roll up a little, which can be irritating. But what I don't like is feeling constricted. I'll probably put up with it for a couple more weeks before shopping for maternity pants.
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  • I used one for a couple of weeks but couldn't stand the rolling! I switched to comfortable dresses and gave up on pants until I bought maternity clothes.

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  • Be forewarned - I purchased the white BeBand brand belly band from Target yesterday.  I found that the white was fairly see through.  You could see the brand name and wash instructions through the material.  I find that I have to fold it in half to combat this problem.  

    I would think the black one wouldn't have this problem.

  • I loved my black BeBand from Target.  I started wearing it at 11 weeks with DD and with 8 weeks with DS. 
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  • I started wearing my Be Band (from Target) at about 6 weeks because I had major bloating.  As the weeks went on it got annoying because it kept rolling and moving.  I've made the transition to maternity pants.
    This. I found out pretty quickly that the bellaband just didn't do what I thought it was going to do because it kept rolling down. It sounds like other PPs had a good experience with some of them, but IMO, they're a waste of money. Maternity pants last you the whole pregnancy and are incredibly helpful with the pre-bump bloat! I didn't regret the switch and wished I had done it sooner! 

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