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In a rut!! Please help!

My 22 month old daughter REFUSES to use the toilet or her potty. She recognizes the feeling and can stay dry for 3-4 hours but when she can't hold it in any longer, she starts dancing around and crying for a diaper. The first 2 days of training were great but now she won't do it. When I sit her on her potty, she screams and cries and yells "no potty!" What happened? How can I help her? When she sees me go she'll applaud me. "Yay, Mommy go potty! High five!" lol Any advice?

Re: In a rut!! Please help!

  • I'm in the same situation with my son.  Have you tried a reward system of some sort?  Last week we did a sticker chart and when he got 10 stickers he got to watch a movie in my bed with me.  He gets 1 sticker for staying dry during nap and 1 for going.  I however don't know how to move away from the sticker chart to getting him to just go by himself. 

    Perhaps take a break or talk up being a big girl and how big girls go on the potty.  Praise is huge with my son- we do a dance when he goes and cheer sometimes yell. We will call dad at work to tell him how well he is doing etc.  My son likes to earn time with mom/ dad or something his sister can't do.  I'm not sure of the answer but hopefully these are some new suggestions for you to try. 

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