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I will never wear regular jeans again...

So I'll start by saying, I am NOT a pregnancy person. I truly hate basically everything about being pregnant thus far, other than the ultrasound where I got to see my cute baby jumping around everywhere. I will love the baby, I swear, just hate pregnancy. 

However, I FOUND SOMETHING TO LOVE! Maternity jeans!!!!

Why did no one ever tell me about these before? Why do ANY of us wear regular jeans?! I can basically wear yoga pants every day for the rest of my life but look put together in cute jeans. Amazing. 

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Re: I will never wear regular jeans again...

  • What kind did you buy?  I've been looking around, but haven't found anything good in stores.  Thinking I may have to order online...
  • That's what I said the first time I wore maternity jeans.
    And then something happened, you get sooo pregnant and they are so itchy.

  • They are definitely comfortable! I like the full panel ones :-)

  • Hahaha, nooooo- don't burst my bubble of happiness! 

    So if they are a little big now in the butt and legs, maybe I should just leave them that way not get the smaller size? Ha!

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  • @karamorgan62

    I ordered online from Old Navy- I had 25% off the other day but I think they are doing another sale this weekend. 

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  • Busted mine out for the first time today! I got them from H&M and I love the fit. So comfy
  • I'm so in love with maternity jeans! It's always been hard for me to find jeans before pregnancy but with maternity jeans they can be a little tight or loose in the legs but the waist will always fit! Gotta love it! I order mine online from destination maternity
  • Aren't they wonderful?? I bought my first two pairs this past weekend. I'm in love. :)

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  • I bought a couple pairs of skinny jeans from motherhood and they rock! Normally soon jeans cut me in the stomach if they fit right in my legs, but the maternity jeans solve that!
  • I super <3 maternity jeans. I was excited to be able to start wearing them again. The panel was never itchy for me when I got bigger with DS.


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  • I never want to wear regular jeans again!! I have been in my maternity jeans for almost a month now and am loving every minute of it :-)
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  • Next UK do some great ones....especially for the midget in me where even petite/short can be several inches too long in some places. I'm 5f4 so not that short, must just have REALLY short legs
  • Anyone have any suggestions for tall maternity jeans? I'm 5'11" and my inseam is 36"...

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  • They are stretchy and comfy, but I only wish I could like them. The panel on them come up so high right now that they just feel weird, plus they are too roomy in the butt and thighs. I'm sure the full panel will make it better in the future, but for now I just keep messing with it and hating how my shirts bunch up weird on the panel fabric. Sadly I think it'll be a while before I wear low-rise jeans again.
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  • Get some under the bump jeans....super comfy and low riders so they feel like your normal ones
  • I'm with you. I love maternity jeans. The best pair of shorts I have are maternity jean shorts and I wish I'd found them sooner. They are the business!
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  • Sears has an amazing sale this weekend. I bought two full panel (VERY cute) pairs for $22 total. I love them.
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  • Anyone have any suggestions for tall maternity jeans? I'm 5'11" and my inseam is 36"...

    Motherhood has tall.

    And... My autocorrect just tried to correct "tall" to "y'all" WTH?

  • Deal of the day! Went to Other Mothers, a baby/maternity consignment store yesterday with my sister, first time being there and they had a 75% off sale on select ticket colors, I got a pair of skinny jeans by motherhood and flare jeans from old navy for a grand total of $3.75 as they both were originally $5 and $7. Best day ever! I hate going to garage sales as I always feel like people are watching me and I feel bad not buying anything, irrational fear I know, but this was just like an awesome garage sale find without the garage sale. They are both super comfy and will look great this fall!
  • I'm sooooo with you on this post!!! I feel like maternity jeans are the best kept secret! I never want to go back to zipping or buttoning jeans ever again! Sweats on top, classy on the bottom :)
  • Anyone have any suggestions for tall maternity jeans? I'm 5'11" and my inseam is 36"...

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