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Advent bottles/nipples

Anyone use ADVENT? My daughter is 10 weeks and still uses the size 1 nipple...when do I switch her to 2 nipple?  Also, How long do you keep nipples until they need to be thrown out and replaced?

Re: Advent bottles/nipples

  • Is she breastfed or FF? For a breastfed baby, you don't need to change the nipple size ever. For FF, I'm not sure, but if she's happy with the bottle, I wouldn't bother switching.
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  • We just switched to level 2 at 4 weeks. She was super fussy eating and now is much happier with no issues. If your LO takes forever to eat maybe try switching it, if not then it doesn't seem to matter yet.
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  • I started using the size 2 nipples when DD was a month old. Only because I bought some 9 oz bottles and that is what they came with. She did fine with them. 
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