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When did you...

1)  Get a photo session done for birth announcements?  Did you just get pics of the baby or of you and your husband with the baby?

2)  Take your baby to work for the first time to meet people?
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Re: When did you...

  • 1) he was almost 3 weeks, but it is recommended within the first 10 days so that they are really sleepy and easy to pose. We should have done it earlier, but had scheduling issues. We did baby and family pics.

    2) have not yet. Might do this around 2 months...
  • He was about ten days old and wide awake! Definitely get pics with you and dh even if you think you look like crap. You'll never get those moments back.
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  • 1) We took pics of DS at 5 days like pp our photographer recommends between 5-12 days old.

    2) I took DS this week for the first time to work, he is 2 months and I had to get cleared to go back.

  • Never and never.


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  • Pictures at 11days old. We just got his and 2 step daughters pic taken. Not me and DH.

    Took Tyler to work at 1 week.
  • We just used a pic my husband took for the announcement.

    We took her to my husband's work at three weeks, and I took her to my school at 5 weeks, because that was the first week staff was back from the summer break. 
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  • Never and never.

    This exactly.

    I have preemies. They were in the NICU for 2 weeks.

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