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Luke or Owen

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Hi just thinking about a third boy name using our top FN/MN combos. I don't care for Lucas over Luke; so the full name would be Luke! James would be a modification of Jaymie (my name). The other two boys have family names in their name. Thanks!

Luke or Owen 82 votes

Luke Owen
18% 15 votes
Luke James
20% 17 votes
Owen James
60% 50 votes

Re: Luke or Owen

  • I voted for Owen James bc I think it has the best flow, but honestly I really like all three.
  • My vote is Owen James. I liked Owrn but DH vetoed it.
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  • Love Owen James!
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    HA! That's not a bad thing! :) <3
  • I love the name Luke but voted for Owen James because it flows the best.  If I had to pick out of your Luke choices, Luke James definitely sounds better than Luke Owen.
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