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Has anyone delivered at Woman's Hospital of Texas? Dont really get on and post a whole lot, but I just wanted to get some feed back on it weather good or bad. Feel free to leave any comments =)

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  • I did in 2011. It's a great hospital and they are the best for high risk so if something goes wrong you will be in the best hospital. I'll be delivering there again for #2 later this year.
    The nurses were awesome and I found that the baby's nurses helped me more with learning how to breast feed than the lactation consultants.
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  • That's great! Good to hear :) when are you do?
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  • My due date is December 5th! How about yours?
  • I heard from a good source yesterday that women's has one of the highest C-section rates in the city. I would ask lots of questions.
  • They will have a higher c-section rate because they are the top choice for high risk deliveries.
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