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Eye contact

Does anybody know when newborns start making eye contact? My son is 3 weeks old and seems to purposefully avoid eye contact, instead preferring to look outside or his surroundings. Thanks!
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Re: Eye contact

  • He won't catch and hold your gaze until sometime between 6 weeks and 3 months. Boys are typically slower at the social things, but faster at motor control (like lifting his head).

    That being said, if you want to encourage eye contact, make sure he is awake, but not tired, hungry, or overstimulated.

    He will get there!

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  • I remember thinking the same thing about eye contact when my LO was that age. By the time she was about 6-7 weeks though, she was consistently making and holding eye contact and now that she's almost 13 weeks, I'm surprised I was ever concerned about it! He'll get there...don't worry.
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  • My daughter will look right at me when we BF...my lactation consultant even commented on it. She loves to look at people and my dogs

  • I felt the same way, my LO will be 4 weeks on Monday and I feel like he's just started to see me over the past day or 2.
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