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We just found out we're having another girl! My daughter's name is Briella and I love unique names (she's 15 months and we thought Briella was unique when we chose it). We can't seem to agree on one together and would love imput!

List so far that we have both vetoed for one reason or another is...

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  • I'm sorry but there is a difference between unique and entirely made up. Those names are all terrible and I am glad hey were vetoed. To find something your daughter can actually grow with and be comfortable in day to day life I would suggest looking beyond the top 1000 of the SSA list, MJ has a link in her siggy I believe. My personal favorite uncommon names are Calista, Carissa, Rozalia and Azalea. I do like uncommon and unique names, just not any you have listed.

  • I completely agree with pp, above. There are some great names that aren't just letters next to each other.
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  • Really?? I'm all for unique or different names but lainsley? Emersley?


    Anniston is just barely okay.
    <3 Delaney. 4.5.12. <3 <br> Photobucket
  • None of those seem to be real names; just made up/Frankenstein names. Sorry.
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  • I agree with PPs, it was a good thing all of those names were vetoed.
    Briella sounds vaguely Italian; maybe you could use an Italian name?

    A "real" name with a recognizable spelling.
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