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Question about measuring large ...GD

Baby was measuring about 1.5-2 weeks ahead at 20 weeks. I had a checkup the other day at 25 weeks and the ob said my fundal height was measuring large, I asked by how much and she said it measured 27 weeks when it should measure 25. If in fact the baby is measuring large will the Gd diet slow down the growth a little in hopes that I won't be having another 10 lb baby! My second son was 10.4 in which I think GD may have been missed as I failed the one hour and barley passed the 3 hour. Thanks for your help. :)

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  • i followed the GD diet from week 24 (diagnosed). i was religious about it, well controlled. I did it through diet and 1.25 mg of glyburide at bedtime (for fasting). LO came on his own at 39 weeks and weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. so he was not large. 

    I had different measuring ultrasounds. at 30 weeks he measured 42nd percentile, at 34 weeks he measured 24th percentile and at 38 weeks he measured 41st percentile, they estimated he would be 7.5 lbs at birth. in actuality he was about the 25th percentile when he was born, if he hd stayed in another week, he might have gotten closer to 7 lbs. he is small but healthy. 

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  • Tricia- did your fundal height always measure large even after starting the GD diet?
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  • Dear Feb32005

    With your babies did you ever have extra fluid around the baby? I am measuring 2 weeks ahead also and have some extra fluid.. if so what did your doc say?

  • my fundal height was always where it was supposed to be but the US at 34 weeks said she was in the 82nd percentile (forgot to ask size at that appointment). and the next one at 38 weeks she was measuring 7lbs 1oz.  she was born on her due date at 7lbs 9oz.  when I started the diet it took a month and a half for me to even gain any weight so I think it helped a lot and I would have ended up with a large baby if not on the diet.  
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  • I've been measuring ahead by two week consistently now for awhile. I had a full growth scan at 36 weeks and the baby appears to be in the 43rd percentile. I wouldn't put too much stock in the fundal height. This is also my second baby while having GD. First one also had the same issue and DS was born at 39 weeks in the 50th percentile.
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