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Would LOVE your opinions on my girls names

So narrowing down my girls names, would love to hear what everyone thinks.

Piper Juliet
Riley Juliet (Riley is also my dad's name)
Drew Juliet
Nova Juliet

Juliet is DH's late grandmother's name. Would love other suggestions as well, thanks so much!
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Re: Would LOVE your opinions on my girls names

  • Piper juliet
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  • I don't like the way Drew Juliet sounds together. Otherwise I like them all
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  • I like Piper. I think what's throwing me off is the modern first name with the traditional middle name. but, ignore all of us. Name her whatever you want!
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  • Piper Juliet is cute!
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  • I am a sucker for Nova! I just posted about that name yesterday! It's a guilty pleasure name :)

    Piper is very spunky & cute too!
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  • I like Riley :)
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  • I like Piper and Drew, with Piper edging out Drew

  • I like Juliet best and agree w/ PP that Juliet Riley is nice bc of family connection. 

    Of the names you list, I like Piper Juliet best.



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  • Juliet is the only one I like

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  • I like them in this order:
    Drew (don't like how it sounds with Juliet)

    I would choose Juliet as a first name though!!
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  • Nova Juliet
  • Nova or piper
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  • Nova or piper
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  • I love Piper (DD1's middle name) and Drew (I've loved it used on a girl forever). Riley feels dated to me and Nova is just too out there (pun not intended). You might like Willow, Marlo, Harper, Everly, Waverly, Brynn, and Briar.
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  • Piper!! Love Juliet too... the combination is beautiful.
  • Love Piper. Would use it myself but last name starts with a P, making the initials PP! I also really like Juliet. IMHO, I'm not sure I love them together, but if you do that's all that matters!
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  • I've never liked Piper because I don't find pipe to be an attractive word. I don't care for the flow of Drew Juliet. I usually don't like Riley as a girl name but I can get behind it because of the family association. That said I adore Nova Juliet!

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  • Love Piper (my DD's name) and in always had a soft spot for Juliet, so that's my vote.

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  • mj.reilly said:
    Honestly, I don't really care for any of them except for JulietPiper would be my pick of the four, though.

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  • mh89mh89
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    I like Juliet best as a first name. Nova is my favorite of your choices, but most of them aren't really my style since they're unisex and trendy.
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  • Piper Juliet is the best
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  • I've always liked Riley. My initial thought is boy, but I do like it on a girl.
  • Juliet as a first name is my suggestion
  • Juliet Riley or Juliet Nova
  • I love them all except for Nova.
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