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suggestions for a middle name

I have boy's name picked out, Bentley Wade. Wade is my Db's middle name,his father's middle name,& my great grandfather's last name. I'm having trouble coming up with a middle name that me and my DH agrees on for my girl's name, Emersyn. Any suggestions would be great! I thought about Grace and Claire but my DH says no! Help me out!

Re: suggestions for a middle name

  • I am not good at this but I will give it a shot... 
    Emerson Anne
    Emerson Rose
    Emerson Violet
    Emerson Angela
    Emerson Abigail
    Emerson Estelle 
    Emerson Sophia
    Emerson Juliet
    Emerson Marlowe
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  • Emersyn Leighton ? Opinions?
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    austinc2 said:
    Emersyn Leighton ? Opinions?

    Too unisex.

  • I don't like the Emersyn spelling but can throw out some combos I think flow nicely. (I don't love Emersyn Leighton... The flow isn't the best and the pronunciation is confusing to people... sounds like Lee or Lay?)

    Emerson Nicole
    Emerson Brianne
    Emerson Michelle
    Emerson Jane
    Emerson Marie
    Emerson Abigail
    Emerson Celeste

    Grace and Claire sound good too but I know DH has vetoed...
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  • I would chose a feminine middle name, and Leighton is a male name to me. Perhaps Emerson Elizabeth?
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