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Moving to Clarksburg...

Hi ladies!! My name is Meghan and husband just got a new job in Clarksburg so we will be moving from Pittsburgh soon. My son, Finnegan, is 7 months old and we don't know anyone there so I would love to meet up with you ladies and your babies!!! Also I am looking for recommendations for pediatricians. I havent had luck on the WHOLE network or anything in the vax friendly websites either. I'm willing to travel for the best!! Hopefully someone sees this! It doesnt look like theres much activity here...

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  • Hi!  I live in Clarksburg!  :)

    There's hardly ever any posts on this board.  But I thought I would poke my head in this evening, for some reason.  Unfortunately this will be my first baby (due the end of April) so I don't know much about the pedi's in this area. You might find more of a selection in the Morgantown area, since you say you're willing to travel.

    Where's your husband working, if you don't mind me asking? Hopefully you're up for the change of pace... Clarksburg isn't much like Pittsburgh, as I'm sure you've already figured out!

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  • Aww congrats!! I actually grew up in a really small town in PA so Im used to it lol. He got a job with US Well Services. Right now he works for a different gas company but this one is less hours and more money so its worth the move. Im honestly considering just keeping our ped and traveling up when we need to. I love them so much i would never find another like them. So is there anything to do? We do mommy and me yoga and swimming right now. Do you know of anything like that or childrens museums? We are coming up for a couple days nexf week to check it out and start looking for an apartment or house. Any inside tips would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  • There's really not a lot to do in the area.  I came from an even smaller town so it seems pretty busy to me, but once you get used to it, it's a little disappointing.  Lots of times, if we want to go somewhere, we go to Pittsburgh!  I LOVE the Children's Museum there.  Anyway, I'm not too familiar with the gym scene and I'm not sure what gyms have pools and offer classes.  They are working on completely revamping the public pool, and it seems like they're making it a lot more kid-friendly with slides and sprinklers and things like that.  I'm not sure when it will be open, but from what I can see it looks almost done and should be open this summer.  I think you have to either travel out of town or get pretty creative to find much to do with kids, especially little ones.  There is Valley Worlds of Fun in Fairmont (about a 20-30 minute interstate drive), it's like a little arcade with games, food, bowling, tickets for prizes, etc.

    If you're house hunting, I recommend looking at  You can specify which areas you want to look in, price range, etc. and find houses that are ACTUALLY for sale.  There are other websites, Homes and Land in particular, that show homes that have actually been sold for ages, and it's a huge waste of time.  I found that out recently when we were house hunting. We actually are in the process of buying a house and close on March 30th, so I've been there and done that recently. If you haven't decided on an area yet, check out houses in Bridgeport, too... some of the Bridgeport areas are a little nicer than Clarksburg.  There are definitely some areas in Clarksburg that I would NOT want to live in, or near... but I think it'll be obvious what areas those are, when you're looking. House shopping is HARD here, IMO. I don't know what your budget is, but we found that for what people are asking for houses around here, it's amazing the terrible condition some of them are in.   As far as apartments, I don't know anything about them.

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  • Hi Meghan.
    I know that it has been a while when you were asking for a Pediatrician....Have you found one?  I live in Philippi but I am from a small town in PA as well. Eighty-Four Washington area!  Are you having any luck finding things in the area for you and baby?  Although it is only 2 or so hours from Pittsburgh, it's a totally different world down here!!


  • Pediatric associates in bport is awesome! Love Momen!
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