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So frustrated

I went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon for more contractions and bleeding. The Dr. I saw was not mine and he was concerned about my amniotic fluid levels, as well as the fact that my cervix was starting to shorten. Today I went back and saw my Dr. and he did not seemed concerned about anything. He felt me have a couple of strong contractions while I was there and just said well if it gets to bad go on back to L&D which is an hour away from me. I am so frustrated, I am miserable, my contractions are so strong I actually pee myself sometimes. I want to just curl up into a ball and cry. Sorry this is very much a rant.

Re: So frustrated

  • I'm really sorry - I can't imagine why they would be so casual about what could be the onset of PTL. Did you push at all for a better understanding of why they were responding this way? You sometimes really have to be an advocate for yourself with doctors... if something doesn't feel right, push until you get the attention & answers you need. 
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  • Are you dilating with these contractions? I assume the bleeding is from dilation, ie ptl... How many weeks are you? (sorry, Im mobile abs cant see).That sounds serious to me! I'm so sorry. Is there someone else in the practice you can see for a second opinion?

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  • I am 31 weeks 5 days. I had a second he wanted to put me in the hospital my Dr did not agree. I am just tired of it.
  • I would just head into labor and delivery the next time it starts up. You don't have to have your doctors permission to go. If the one doctor thinks you should be in there is a good chance the on call doc at the hospital will too.
  • I delivered my first boy at 36 weeks and my second at 34 if I have a real pattern I am due Monday. I am so tired from contracting and pain at this point I have no idea how I will labor.
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