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3 week growth spurt

Anyone going through this right now or have any wise words to get through it?

LO has practically been nursing all day with maybe a 40 minute nap on me but as soon as I put her down, she woke up and cried to get fed again.  Her diapers have been consistently dirty so I know she is eating.

Any tips?  I'm exhausted 
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Re: 3 week growth spurt

  • I feel your pain. We just got through the 3 weeks spurt. It was miserable. There's not much you can do other than just power through and know that it will come to an end!
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  • Same going on here! He will be 4 weeks on Monday and has hardly napped at all today. We usually swaddle, but he really doesn't want his arms restricted today...
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  • We never did it (other than at night) but have you tried swaddling for naps?


    Otherwise, cry..feel bad for yourself and your sleep...have a drink (of you do/can)...and wait it out.  Know that it passes and gets better (until the next growth spurt pops up!)

    I usually only swaddle from the chest down at night because she sleeps with her arms up but I gave your suggestion a shot and she actually slept for 1.5 hours!  I'm going to try the full swaddle tonight and see how she does with it.  THANK YOU!  After her nap she was SO much less fussy :)
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  • Mine is 3 weeks and I think she's having a growth spurt and she's also got her days and nights confused :/ I got about 2 hrs of sleep last night and an almost 2 hr nap today.
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