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High-Risk Pregnancy

**Friday Bed Rest Check In**

Good Morning Ladies!


How was your day/evening? 

QOTD: What is your dream vacation?  

Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

Re: **Friday Bed Rest Check In**

  • 24 weeks today. Getting a pedi to celebrate. Yippee!

    Slept pretty good last night. Up a lot to per, but went right back to sleep.

    Dream vacation is Italy. I want to do Rome, Florence, Sicily, and Venice. We did a cruise in 2008 that went to all these places but it wasn't enough time. I want a couple days in each location.

    Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

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  • Update: 29w 3d Slept lousy. I got a TDAP shot yesterday in my left hip so I had problems sleeping on that side. My poor right hip was sore from lying on it all night. Hopefully tonight will be better.

    QOTD: Dream vacation - I just want to relax on a beach. We went on a family vacation in July to Italy then a Mediterranean cruise. I could not enjoy it because I was worried about the babies. Plus, it was my MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL and his wife along with my family. I love them.... Just in smaller doses.

    @rkcaraway - Congrats on 24 weeks! Great milestone!
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  • 34.4 today. They diagnosed me with pre eclampsia today so that stinks. I had it with my first pregnancy but not my second. The doctor wants to try to push me as far as she can before taking the baby so I have to be extra careful to watch my numbers and I have to call if the Tylenol 3 she gave me doesn't kick one of the headaches. My next appointment is Friday for a growth scan and to see where we are. She didn't check me today because I'm having so many small contractions and she didn't want to start anything major.

    @rkcaraway congrats on 24!

    My dream vacation is a beach and just relaxing with my husband and babies.
  • @rkcaraway Yay 24 weeks. Enjoy your pedi!!
    @10-4 ouch!! I'm trying to find a way to ask nicely for the whole fam to get the tdap as well without being pushy

    Peri apt this morning BPP 8/8 and got cleared to get married tomorrow at the park!!!!! Quick ceremony and back to bedrest but I'm so excited!!!

    My dream vacation is also a tour of Italy! Spending a good month traveling throughout the country Rome, Venice, Florence, the islands, everything!!!!! And Ireland too ;)

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • @marianaz0 - I am really trying to be nice about the TDAP announcement but I am losing patience with people. Seriously, I'm lying in a bed for five weeks and counting, getting IVs, getting my blood sugars checked four times a day and they can't get a lousy shot that can prevent them from killing my babies? I don't think so. Grrrrrrr. If they don't, then they will probably not get to spend time w them. I just cannot believe people have a problem with this.
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  • @rkcaraway - congrats on 24 weeks!

    Had an ultrasound today at the MFM office at my hospital. My little man is doing perfect - about 3 lbs 6 oz by their measurements. My ovarian cyst hasn't changed in the last 4 weeks - still 14cm wide. Watch and wait - they will want to remove it after I have the baby, so it's just pain management now.

    QOTD: I would love to go on some kind of European tour, see Paris, Rome, everywhere. On the flip side, I'm taking LO to Disney next October with my family and I can't wait for that! I know some like to wait until the kids are older and "can remember everything," but my husband and I are such huge disney fans the trip will be as much for us as for him!

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  • Congrats rkcaraway 24wks is huge :-) you will see how the other wks will just fly by...

    I slept so good last night. I took Pepcid last night for the first time and I slept like a queen usually my acid reflux keeps me up

    I had an appt yesterday my cervix is nice and stready at 1.8cm thank god.. Since I still haven't got the steroids shot I am being monitored wkly via u/s until 32wks..

    Qotd: I would love to visit bora bora or a big family vacation to a Spanish island either Dominican Repulic or Puerto Rico...
  • @ayreka I'm sorry about the pre e! I was thinking about you today when I picked up my jugs for next weeks 24 hr urine collection

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • 34 wks today and so happy - next goal is 36!

    Awful night. Was having contractions 10min apart, called my ob who advised to take procardia and try to sleep. Slept 3 hours and woke up in what I now know was back labor. Finally fell back asleep at 4:30am and then awoke at 7:30am with contractions. I've been ordered to take the procardia more regularly and if they get back to 10min apart go to l&d. Let me just say back labor WAS NOT FUN. 

    Dream vacay: Europe yacht trip... 
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  • marianaz0 said:

    @ayreka I'm sorry about the pre e! I was thinking about you today when I picked up my jugs for next weeks 24 hr urine collection

    I'm cracking up that pee jugs bring me to mind. :)

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