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TGIF - but today already sucks

I am so looking forward to a long weekend but I'm having a tough time getting through today.

/Begin Rant/

I had to wake up at 6 AM (peak of M/S) to take DH to work because his car won't start.  Then I spent the next hour getting me ready, making breakfast, chasing the dogs (who were being naughty and wouldn't come when I called them), helping DS frantically finish his homework (DH was supposed to do it last night) all while trying to swallow down saltine crackers to keep from barfing up my toe-nails. By the time I left to take DS to school I was dripping with sweat and covered in dog hair and saltine cracker crumbs.  The last thing I want to do today is sit at my desk and pretend to work because I can't stop wondering if LO is still growing, if its heart is still beating, wondering if my m/s will ever stop and all I really want is giant Diet Coke - artificial sweeteners and caffeine and all!

Funny that even though I have pretty strong m/s, once it subsides later in the day I keep wondering "are my symptoms less - is something wrong?"  Why can't I shut off my PgAL brain today?  How am I going to make it to my next dr. appointment in 3 weeks and they aren't planning to do another u/s for another 6 weeks?!  I have got to get one of those doppler things because I'm seriously considering calling my RE and making up a story about spotting and cramps just to get another u/s.

I think I'm crazy today.

/End Rant/
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Re: TGIF - but today already sucks

  • I'm sorry you're having such a crappy Friday. Sending some ((hugs)) your way.
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  • Im sorry the day started so rough for you. Hope it gets better!

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