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Formula - Constipation - Hates the Taste

Hello Mommas,

So I started back on the pill and was told that there was a SMALL chance it could lower my breast milk amount.  Typically, I end up being a statistic and it lowers my breast milk amount.  I'm probably producing about 75% of what I used to, anyway - by dinner time my boobs are completely soft and I barely have any milk in them - and then at bed time they are solid again.  So I decided that I would supplement with Formula for dinner.  I started with Enfamil A+ and it made my LO VERY constipated - to the point that he cried for two days straight and was VERY irritated and in pain.  I stopped the formula for about 2 weeks and dipped into my frozen milk supply that I had from before I started the BCP again.  Recently I just started Enfamil Gentle Ease in hopes that it would be better for my LO's belly - IT TASTES DISGUSTING.  He won't take it. He cries and actually gags the whole time I try to feed it to him.  It's SO sad.
I even tasted all three myself, side by side - Breast Milk is so sweet and like normal milk, Enfamil A+ is sweet but not as sweet as real milk and Gentle Ease actually tastes like chemicals..UGH!

Does anyone have suggestions?!  Either on how to help with the constipation, or how to help with the disgusting taste of the Gentle Ease?  I'm not sure what my best bet is and I don't want to go spend all that $$ on a bunch of different formulas.

Re: Formula - Constipation - Hates the Taste

  • You can mix BM with formula for a while just to get LO used to the taste of formula.  I did that with DD  (who is now 4) and I am doing it now with DS (9 wks old).  Gradually increase the amount of formula and decrease the amount of BM.  I use Similac Advanced.  It is supposed to be the formula closest to breastmilk.  I dunno--I think all formula smells bad and probably doesn't taste good but my kids have never had an issue taking it.  Also, have you seen the ready-to-feed bottles of Similac for Supplementation?  I used that when I was experiencing a sudden drop in my BM supply.  It was the first introduction to formula for DS.  He took it really well--he drank 6 oz!  It seems to have a pleasant smell, compared to other formulas.    
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  • Add a little vanilla flavoring to it. Just a few drops of a the normal cooking vanilla. That is what my nurse told me to do and it worked! I was using the same formula.
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  • Ahhh, I put vanilla in the Gentlease formula and it worked!  He actually drank it without fussing.  Thank you so much for that advice, I NEVER would have thought of that. :)
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