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Finally able to give my intro....

I'm joining from the March 2014 board. We found out on Aug 7th that we had a partial molar pregnancy, I should have been about 10 wks. We decided to wait a week to have a follow up scan and then we went to see the doctor on Aug 21st. He suggested I have a D&C since it was more likely than not that my body wouldn't recognize the abnormal pregnancy for a while and I would probably end up having to do a D&C anyway to make sure all the tissue was gone.
We scheduled the D&C for the next day (8/22, last Thursday) and it was a pretty quick and easy procedure. I wasn't in any pain just a little uncomfortable the next day from the way they had me laying during surgery and all the fluids they gave me.
On Tuesday night I was this "-" close to going to the ER because it felt like my insides were being tore out of me. I passed a large clot of tissue and then was instantly better. Having this happen set me back a little emotionally because I didn't think I would have to pass anything after the D&C and passing tissue let the flood gates down. I am a little angry that they didn't get everything during the procedure (I thought that is what it was for, urgh).
Anyway, I hope all is better now and we never have to go through this again :(
T&P to everyone on this board and I hope we can all have a healthy pregnancy in the future.
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