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worried about fetal movements

I am awake yet again in the wee hours of the night worrying about baby kicking. He kicks a lot in the morning and at like midnight. But other movements are not powerful. I am at 31 weeks and I always get to 10 movements in 2 hours with my kick counts but some are tiny little movements. Worried that he is not moving enough. Also movements lately have been very low instead of up high. I was wondering maybe he has turned? I am so worried about this baby lately I wake up all the time not sleeping! Any thoughts?

Re: worried about fetal movements

  • My movements started to be lower around that time. My LO had turned so I was feeling her hands more. If you are concerned, please call your doctor. They have several things they can do to check on your LO. He/she most likely changed position, which will change how often and how strong the movements are. But, it's always better to get checked if you are concerned.
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