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Langhorne/Newtown Moms?

Any moms live in Langhorne?  I work full time, and any mommy groups I've come across are all for things during the week.  If anyone is interested in meeting with our LOs for coffee or a walk in the Oxford Valley Mall or something, let me know!  My son was born in November 2012!

Re: Langhorne/Newtown Moms?

  • yes!!!  I am interested, my son was born july 2013. I live in newtown but oxford valley mall is very close.......
  • I live very close to Newtown if there's somewhere else you'd rather meet.  I have some crazy weekends coming up, but we can try to meet up at some point!
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  • no worries, the mall is fine unless you want to meet up at starbucks in newtown?  whatever works....
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