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Sisterhood of the traveling placenta...

So at my BPP today they check my newly (re)diagnosed placenta previa. Well some one made a mistake or I have a crazy uterus.My placenta is 3.77 cm from my cervix now. Yay for no C-section (probably) and yay for no more pelvic rest! Baby is measuring in the 98th percentile at 35w1d and I am 1cm dilated and partially effaced. OB says if baby decides to show before my 38 week cut off (9/17) she will not stop labor. It's crazy how soon she'll be here. I can't wait to say farewell to GD and hello to my LOimage
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Re: Sisterhood of the traveling placenta...

  • That's awesome! I am feeling the same way... in 30 days or less my baby girl will be here! I am on the schedule for induction 9/29 unless she decides to come before then. Crazy.
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