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Feeling sad

Hate seeing pregnancy announcements on facebook, especially March 2014 announcements. Every single one is punch to the stomach.... I know I will be mourning each pregnancy milestone too, for now I hate seeing announcements. I mean of course deep down I know I am happy for that person I didn't realize how much it would sting. 

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  • I understand both on your ladies so well. Especially Kate my sister law is three weeks ahead of me. We both had misscarriages in December of last year and by coincidence were expecting now again together..... Not anymore
    Married 11-24-2001 DD 11-24-2004 DS 09-03-2007 MC #1 at 12 weeks Dec 2012 MC #2 at 9 weeks AUG 2013 (baby girl, trisomy 16)
  • I know what you mean. I'm dreading any upcoming announcements on fb. It's also really tough when those lucky women go on to have their baby and every time I see them I think "That's how big my child would be now..." Ugh.


    Missed m/c 4.2011 @ 11 weeks
    Early m/c 8.2013 @ 5 weeks

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  • I made the decision to avoid Facebook for a while so I don't have to see all the pregnant people or newborns. I have other ways to communicate and keep in touch with those closest to me.

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    I know exactly how you feel!! -big hug-

    One of my friends gave birth last week. My sister-in-law had her baby 3 days ago. If I hadn't had a mc in January, that could've been me.

    I was just getting over it and getting excited for all the new babies, when I found out this month I had another mc.  I was supposed to go to another friend's co-ed baby shower yesterday. I just couldn't go.

    I am so happy they have healthy babies, buy I am just going to choose not to get facebook updates from these people for a little while....
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