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cruising with kids

we booked a cruise for April, we'll be going with DD, who will be 4 in March and DS who will be 2 in May.  They said the kids don't need passports, only birth certificates, just wanted to make sure that's true.
Any other kids for cruising with kids I'd appreciate.  You have to be 2 for the kid's club, DS's birthday is May 16, we're cruising April 20, so anywhere they ask for his birthday I'm putting April 16 and hopefully they don't notice.  I'm sure on the birth certificate they're checking for where, not when he's born.  I doubt he'll want to go to the kid's club anyway but it would be nice to have a peaceful dinner or two.  We're cruising to Florida and the Bahamas on the Carnival Pride.  We're doing a Disney excursion in Florida.  I'm debating doing excursions in the Bahamas or take a taxi to the beach.  I'm sure the taxi would be cheaper, but it might be less hassle with the kids just taking the excursion. 

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  • They don't need passports, just birth certificates as long as the cruise begins and ends in the United States.  The only thing you need to consider is that since your ports are out of the US, if something should happen and you need to get home asap, you might have a long wait to sort out the fact that the children are in a foreign country and don't have passports.

    I definitely wouldn't lie about your child's age.  They check their information very carefully against your ID (birth cert or passport) and the only thing you will do is delay your boarding on the day you arrive at the ship.  They will check to be sure everything matches.   It will stink to not have him be able to go to the kids club, but they will find out sooner than later, so you should probably be prepared for him not being allowed to go in.  Some ships have onboard babysitting for staterooms, which might be an option.

    A few tips I can think of.....if your child is too young to like a shower (all they have), bring an inflatable baby tub to use for bathtime.  Bring insulated sippy cups (Thermos makes them in character prints) so that you can keep water on your excursions ice cold for a long time.  Bring little containers or baggies to put in fresh fruit/veggies/cheese/bread etc from the buffet that you can bring with you when you get off the boat (most ports allow this).  This way you don't have to find a place to buy one when your little one is hungry.  Ask for a pack and play ahead of time through your travel agent or the cruise line directly.  They are used alot on board and if you wait til you get on, they may have none left.

    Have fun!
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