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Question... I don't know what to think

I miscarried between Aug 10-13 of this year. I was only around 5wks. When I went into the OB they did an ultrasound and my uterus was empty and she said I looked healthy and my body must have taken control and done it naturally. Here's my question... On Tuesday aug 13 I gave blood for an HCG test and my levels were very low at 21.7. I redid the test on the 16th and results were 22.4 (she said it was considered the same) I retested the 23rd and results were 20.5. Shouldn't they be going down? I thought I got AF last week and charted it as such. But now I am wondering if it was just heavy bleeding from the miscarriage? I have not been bleeding since the 13th, minus the 3-4 days of pretty heavy last week but since Monday have been spotting now. The OB said she wants me to come back in for another ultrasound to rule out anything and mentioned I might be running a false positive on the HCG do to antibodies in my blood but that's rare. She said she's not concerned bc the levels are so low and have been so low but wants to make sure it's nothing serious since my levels have not dropped in over 2 weeks. Has anyone experiences this? I don't know what to think?? I am trying to schedule an appt to go back in. I am a kindergarten teacher and this is our first week of school and its so hard to ask off to go in so I would like to wait until next week but I'm worried. Thanks in advance for any advice and personal experiences.
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