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New here and a ?

Hi everyone,

I'm joining you from the April 2014 board. Last Thursday I started spotting brown and it had turned to red by the end of the day. Friday it had turned to light bleeding so I went into the ER. They did a blood draw and my hCG came back at only 28. At that point we knew it was over. I bled lightly all day Saturday and by Sunday it was done. I went back in to the ER for a follow up blood draw and my level was down at 7. The doctor at the ER was great, but he wasn't an OB-GYN so he couldn't tell me anything beyond basic knowledge. I called the women's clinic on base (we are military) and they told me to come in for a follow up. I was expecting to see a doctor and have things walked through a little bit, but that never happened. I only saw a nurse and they gave me a urine test. The test came back negative and they said that I was ok and free to go. I made an appointment tomorrow with my regular doctor to get a referral to an ob-gyn, but in the mean time I'm left a little shell shocked.

So my question is, do I need to be concerned about the fact that I hardly bled? I never needed a regular pad. I didn't even go through a panty liner all day on my heaviest day. It was lighter than a regular period and shorter. I was expecting a lot more. Could this be an indicator that my uterine lining wasn't what it needed to be?

I'm so sorry for everyone's losses and thank you in advance for the support.
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Re: New here and a ?

  • Very sorry for your loss. I'm over from the April '14 board, too, from a MC on Saturday and I agree with your feeling of "shell shock" currently. 

    I think the lack of bleeding is a good question for your doctor. My HCG was at 68 on Saturday, but I bled quite a bit later that day (but only one day). My follow-up appointment is next Tuesday, and I know my doctor is going to do an ultra-sound to check for retained tissue. Hope this helps. 

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  • I would have been due in April as well. I also had a loss back in June. I had heavy period type bleeding and minimal cramping both times. Looks like this will be another natural miscarriage. At my follow up after the first loss, my doctor didn't have any concerns with how things progressed. If you're concerned though, definitely ask.

    I'm understand the shell shock. I'm so sorry you're going though this. Prayers and hugs.
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  • Also from April. I bled very little and only for 4 days total and very mild cramping and I only had the cramping on my last day of bleeding. My HCG was only at 17 when I went in the first time, I was only 5 weeks but I knew that wasn't good. From what I've researched, if your HCG goes down to 0 (mine already has) and you get your period within 6 weeks you should be fine. If it takes longer than that, you should see a dr. I never saw a dr either, only the nurse. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way. ((Hugs))
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I would check with the doctor, but I wouldn't be concerned about the bleeding if they don't seem to be.

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  • I am also from the April board, so sorry for your loss. I would check with you dr. Thoughts nd prayers.
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  • I had a natural MC but had very little bleeding at first, was only using a panty liner. The day I miscarried I went to the doctor since they wanted an ultrasound and she said that my uterine lining was pretty thick and to expect more bleeding over the next week or so. Over the next few hours is when I started bleeding, enough to use a maxi pad, I still wasn't soaking it though. My bleeding stopped yesterday finally and I miscarried on the 19th of this month. I'm very sorry for your loss, (((hugs)))!!!
  • Another former April member here too...Sorry for your loss.

    With my first m/c, I didn't bleed a lot either. I was also concerned. I was *fairly* far along (missed m/c at 11 weeks, lost baby around 8 weeks) and felt there should have been more. I ended up going back in to my doctor and getting another u/s to make sure everything was cleared out. Everything was fine and my doctor didn't seem to concerned about it. My periods are always really light too. I'm just starting this miscarriage, but so far it doesn't seem very heavy either.


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