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DS Starting K Next Week - Any Tips to get him excited about it?

DS had his Kinder Meet and Greet last week to meet the teacher and it was a disaster.  He had a full on melt down.  He did not want to talk to any of the teachers.  DS has always been on the shy and reserved side.  It takes him awhile to warm up to new environments and people.  SO I'm really nervous about him starting K next week.  When we talk about it he says he does not want to go.  I'm sure the 1st day will be full of tears.

Any tips to encourage him?  I want him to be excited about it.   I was also trying to think of something to do or give him that will give him "super powers" for his 1st day because I know he'll be nervous.

Any ideas?


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  • Oh, this sounds hard! Have you tried books? I liked "Maisy Goes to Preschool" b/c there's nothing negative about it. There's also "The Kissing Hand." 

    Be sure he knows exactly how the day will go and when you will be back to pick him up (or the bus or whatever).

    I like your idea of giving him something special to bring or wear for "superpowers." Special underwear, maybe?? 
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  • I agree with pp, "The Kissing Hand" is a great book!

    Is there anything he was nervous about that he eventually overcame and became a positive experience?  I'm thinking of something like, "Remember how you didn't want to take swim lessons?  But once you got in the water you realized you enjoyed it, made new friends and now you love swimming."  Or if not maybe there is a story from your childhood you could share?  
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  • The books pp mentioned are a great idea.  But I also think you should not "try" to get him excited.  I think if you talk about it too much that can exacerbate anxiety.  If it comes up, acknowledge his anxiety, say something positive about school & move on. 

    My kids are changing schools this year, and one of mine is very anxious about it.  She talks about her old school a lot, so I reinforce that was a great school & that I know she doesn't think so now, but I bet her new school will be special too. Then we move on to other topics.
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