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Feeding issue

My DS is 10 weeks old and in the last week or so he has become more difficult to feed. We are bottle feeding him. We make 6 ounces he drinks the first 3 ounces easy, no problem. The rest of the bottle, he moves around, he pushes it out, he acts like he doesn't want it. So, I take the bottle out and then he cries and acts like he wants it back. This goes on for the rest of the bottle what use to take 30 minutes, at the most, now takes an hour. He will also occasionally cry while he is eating. We have not changed anything, bottles and formula are still the same.
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Re: Feeding issue

  • No he has been fine.
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  • How often are you feeding him? I'm BFing but I've read you shouldn't give a FF baby more than 32 oz a day... At 6 oz per feeding that's only 5 feedings a day, which doesn't seem like very many. Maybe LO is full, but still wants to comfort suck or be held or something?
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  • He gets burped multiple times. He has about 6 bottles a day, but usually around 4-5 ounces. He doesn't always drink all 6 ounces.
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  • How often does he eat?!? 6 oz at a time is a lot for a ten week old!

    I would try giving him a pacifier once he stops eating. He might just want the comfort from sucking, not the milk.

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  • My LO always acts like this due to burps. It can take a LONG time for her to get all the burps out. She will burp, but then still fuss and detach herself when feeding, so we try again and out comes another burp!
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