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In home daycare? What do you pay...

Hi guys...our LO goes to a friend of ours for daycare during the week so she is able to stay at home with her LO. Anyway, I'm curious what others pay for in home daycare. I don't want to overpay...thanks!

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Re: In home daycare? What do you pay...

  • This is going to vary quite a bit by region. I pay $175/week but its an actual licensed in home day care.
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  • $150 for full time and $100 for part time. Licensed and she provides al meals/snacks/drinks.

    It is low because she has more than one kid so keep that in mind too...
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  • jmccall79jmccall79 member
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    Ian goes to a sitter/in home daycare 2 days a week(he's the only one there).  She only charges $25 a day...I provide breakfast, lunch and snacks.  When my sister was keeping him those 2 days I was paying her $30 a day...again, providing all food.  If he were to go to the daycare in our town, it was going to be $85 for 2 days!

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  • We lucked out to say the least! I provide all the daily essentials but we only pay $3/hour. When we were searching for IHDC there was a woman that wanted $15/hour that was the highest we came across.

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  • Wow!  When we sent my DS to an in-home provider, we paid $400/week for full-time.  She and her sister cared for 6 kids total, and we provided all food, diapers, etc.  It was a licensed in-home daycare.  

    Granted that's in Washington, DC, which is a HCOL, but the in-home providers are still cheaper than DC!  I am amazed that people can make ends meet by charging only like $3/hr or $25/day.  
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  • For the record, the lady that keeps Ian does not do it for a "living".  She does it because she likes to, and just to have a little bit of extra cash.

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  • I know it varies greatly by region.  We pay by the hour it's $4 for 2 and under.  Depending on the week I end up paying 170ish a week.  My sitter runs it as a business and I LOVE her.  She provides food and milk once they are on "real food".  We provide diapers.
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  • We pay $185 a week which is on the cheaper side in our area. It includes all food, snacks, and drinks. It also included formula when I had to supplement because her provider is part of the food program.
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  • jmccall79 said:
    For the record, the lady that keeps Ian does not do it for a "living".  She does it because she likes to, and just to have a little bit of extra cash.
    Same here! When I asked for her rate I almost choked! She told me then she has done this for 27 years and has only given herself a 50 cent raise in those 27 years. She loves what she does and I appreciate that more than anything because it is reflected in the care she provides for my boy. I am in the Philadelphia/Wilmington DE suburbs so this rate is unheard of. Thankfully when we relocate I will be staying home because we will not luck out for a second time, thats for sure ;)

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  • Wow--we pay $300/week, and we provide food/diapers. 
  • I use a center and the regular price per week is $205 (I get a small discount). My friend sends her daugher to an in-home licensed daycare and pays $200/week.

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  • I have a nanny to watch my LO a couple days a week.  She is $12/hr and I take care of her meals also.  
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